E3 2017 | Xbox One X revealed

by Sammy Chan
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Coming this November 7

Microsoft finally revealed its new console named Xbox One X during their showcase today at E3. The head of Xbox software engineering, Choudhry, proudly announced that the console will be the smallest system ever made by Microsoft and existing owners of Xbox One has no need to worry about having to spend a large sum in upgrading since all accessories and games from the Xbox One will be compatible with the Xbox One X.

Image via Microsoft

Featuring a 6 teraflops GPU clocking at 1.172Ghz, 12GBs of GDDR 5 memory and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth, Microsoft dubbed it the most powerful console ever. To top it off, it comes with a liquid-cooled vapour chamber which is a first of its kind for a console since this is usually used for cooling extremely powerful PC or servers. Last but not least, it will also support 4k UHD Blu-ray playback (Minecraft in 4k, finally :P) boasting up to 8 million plus pixels with wide colour gamut and premium Dolby Atmos sound.
It is set to release on November 7 this year with a hefty price of $499. Check out the reveal trailer here.

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