Monster Hunter World November patch for PC is looking good

by Sammy Chan
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On top of Kulve Taroth, Capcom is adding even more content to the game this month. With the Devil May Cry event and Lunastra on the horizon, the Monster Hunter World November patch is certainly looking really good. Here are some details regarding the event for PC players. Remember to get the most out of Kulve since she’ll be leaving come November 15. If you can’t make it in time though, don’t worry. Eventually, she’ll come around more often like it is right now on the console.

Devil May Cry crossover event

The DMC events will run for two weeks from November 16 to November 29. You’ll have to do a quest where you fight Anjanath, Odogaron, Rathalos, and Teostra in the arena. The quest reward can then be exchanged for the really slick looking Dante α armor set. Besides that, you can get Dante’s Devil Sword as well, a really good Charge Blade. You could also buy this really cool Dual Guns gesture and sticker set as DLC.

Gif via Capcom


A brand new elder dragon! The Empress will be arriving on November 22. She’s the mate of Teostra and fighting her will grant you a whole new set of armors, weapons and Palico armor. Lunastra also brings with her the Temporal Mantle which is literally the best mantle in the game. It pretty much lets you negate powerful attacks including elder dragon’s “ultimate” skill.

Having fought on the console, I have to say Lunastra is an absolute pleasure to fight with. She’s smart and adapts quickly to you. You’re either going to love her or hate her because she’s just constantly carting you. Remember our tip from the subtitle, use Flash Pod and see what happens 😀

Lunastra α set (Image via Capcom)

Lunastra Palico armor (Image via Capcom)

Other than bringing new content, the game will also get several quality-of-life improvements. You can check out the full patch list here on Steam. Capcom is still working hard on fixing the disconnectivity issue but it really looks like its getting better!

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