Monster Hunter World Introduces Kulve Taroth

by Sammy Chan
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Capcom has a bad rap when it comes to DLC and content. Infamous for their business model with Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, they are often criticized by fans of the franchises. There is, however, one game they are getting right and that is Monster Hunter World. Hunters will be getting another content update and it’s already out now! The game is introducing its first 16-man raid and it comes with a whole new map plus a new elder dragon. Here’s what you need to know about the Kulve Taroth event.

With Golden Enemy Comes Golden Opportunities

Hunters will face against a new enemy, the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth in this limited time event in an all-new map known as The Caverns of El-Dorado. Kulve Taroth is a majestic lizard-beast invading the New World. It’ll be up to you and fellows hunters to stop it, 16 of them, specifically – including you. Successfully eliminating the threat will, obviously, means awesome carves that makes even cooler armors and weapons.
The Kulve Taroth Siege will be in the form of, well – it’s in the name – siege. It’ll be similar to fighting Zorah Magdaros but slightly different. Flare-firing has been disabled in this mode, however. You’re going to have to team up with 15 other hunters before going in. Basically, this quest can only be started in the Gathering Hub with four full parties. Players are encouraged to use the Search for Online Session function or the Squad Sessions if you have a full squad. You don’t need a full 16-man party, you can do with just four. But, it is recommended you do get more people since it will be scaled to multiplayer. To clarify, you will only see the four members of your team. The whole online session, though, will be working towards the same goal.
Another important to note is that this event will be paving the way to a new loot system. According to lore, Kulve Taroth is a shiny hoarder, to put it simply. It has pretty much been carrying anything shiny it finds along its journey through the New World. Without much information to go on about the relics, the nature of these weapons will be a mystery. That means random type and stats. So focus on breaking those parts and deal as much damage as you can!

New Shinies And Other Improvements

As always, new monster means new parts to carve! Here are the armors you can make with Kulve Taroth parts:

Kulve Taroth α – Image via Capcom

Kulve Taroth β – Image via Capcom

Kulve Taroth Palico α – Image via Capcom

Besides the new armors, several improvements will be in the game too. My personal favorite includes being able to sell multiple items at once and no longer getting my neck snapped by Scout flies when loading into a map. Go here for a full list of improvements. Keep in mind that the event ends on May 4 so get raiding!

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