Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL 2018) Brings More e-Sports Hype To Malaysia

by Sammy Chan
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Earlier last weekend, April 14 to April 16, the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL 2018) Playoff Grand Finals got underway in One Utama, High Street. If you couldn’t attend the three-day ordeal, we’ve got you covered!

The Frontliners

The event was hosted by Danelie and Pinda of the eGG Network, providing lively introductions to the day’s proceedings.


The wonderful Pinda (right) and Danielie (left) from the eGG Network

An esports tournament would never be complete without their casters of course. The games were casted in both English and Bahasa Malaysia by respective groups of casters. The English casters consisted of Faraz, Pseudo, Peachism, and KBCSensei while the BM casters consisted of LinLP, Ikuto, and Spartanic. These casters really added their unique style of commentary and analysis, hyping up the audience even more.

The casters tables for both English and BM

MPL Day One

The team line-ups consisted of:

  • AirAsia Saiyan vs Louvre SG
  • Mysterious Assassin (MyA) vs Mystic Burden
  • IDNS SG vs MYA 3
  • Tyrants vs Team Eksdi

AirAsia Saiyan vs Louvre SG

Teams would play a best of three set to decide who would be going on to the upper brackets. The first matchup between AirAsia Saiyan and Louvre SG kicked off the day with an explosive start. AirAsia Saiyan absolutely annihilated Louvre SG. Dropping only a single tower, the game ended in less than ten minutes. AirAsia Saiyan continued to dominate in the second game, propelling them to the next stage.

Mysterious Assasins vs Mystic Burden

The second matchup was between MyA and Mystic Burden. Casters were of split opinion who would be the victor of this matchup. Some favored MyA while some favored Mystic Burden. However, the decision was made clear when MyA showed Mystic Burden a serious beat down.


After a long break due to technical difficulties, the MPL returned with the matchup between IDNS SG and MYA 3. IDNS SG had no problems mowing down MYA 3 in the first game. Fans of MYA 3 had high hopes that the streak of 2-0 matchups could be broken. Unfortunately, they were let down as IDNS SG easily took the second game, moving on to the upper brackets.

Tyrants vs Team Eksdi

The final best of three set of day one was between Tyrants and Team Eksdi. The trend of 2-0 would continue on with the casters being blown away by both games ending before the ten-minute mark. Tyrants went on to steamroll Team Eksdi, securing themselves a spot at the upper brackets.

MPL Day Two

The team line-ups consisted of:

  • Mystic Burden vs Louvre SG
  • Mysterious Assassin (MYA) 3 vs Team Eksdi
  • AirAsia Saiyan vs MYA
  • IDNS SG vs Tyrants

Mystic Burden easily won two games in a row against Louvre SG. The matchup between MYA 3 and Team Eksdi was hard fought. Team Eksdi eventually walked away with the win. Game two, however, would spell the first time in the tournament that a tie-breaker was invoked. MYA 3 pulled the rug out from under Team Eksdi, making the score even. Emotions ran high and some players were seen losing their cool. Team Eksdi easily swooped in to pick up their second win to move on to the next stage.


A Mystic Burden player being interviewed by the eGG Network

Upper Bracket Actions

The highlight of the day had to be the two matchups within the upper brackets. Fans from all over absolutely filled the MPL venue. Every conceivable floor was decked out with an audience. The fan favorite, AirAsia Saiyan, went up against MyA while IDNS SG faces the Tyrants.

AirAsia Saiyan vs MyA

The first game went pretty even. Both team trades kills but AirAsia Saiyan ran away with the win after a good team fight. Fans of AirAsia Saiyan were roaring with approval, sure that their team would pull off another win.
In the second game, the tension amongst the audience was palpable. Everyone held their breath as the teams went head to head evenly. Things took a turn around the ten-minute mark, though. MyA pulled off a comeback by picking off the Saiyans and eventually went on to rush down their base.
With the score tied at 1-1, MyA played with confidence against the reigning champion. They seemed to have the Saiyans figured out. The lead was in MyA’s hand from early to mid game. The Saiyans recovered and tried to make a comeback during the late game. The kills finally even out at this point. Fans were hopeful once more. However, the Saiyans made a bad call to do Lord and paid the price. MyA caught them and the rest was history.

IDNS SG vs Tyrants

IDNS SG exerted their dominance by wiping the floor with Tyrant in the first game. It ended prior to the ten-minute mark.
The Tyrants managed to recover and seems to be adapting to IDNS SG in the second game. Even with IDNS SG holding the lead, the Tyrants held on and played defensively. Despite their best effort, IDNS SG proved themselves to be the better team. Around the 30-minutes mark, IDNS SG baited Tyrants into a team fight at Lord, picking the Tyrants off the map and securing themselves a win.
At the end of day two, the lower brackets matches would fly by rather quickly. The matchups were Tyrants vs Mystic Burden and AirAsia Saiyan vs Team Eksdi. Tyrants and AirAsia Saiyan proving that they deserve a spot at the grand finals, both teams winning their matchups, 2-0.

MPL Day Three

The final day of the MPL was full of adrenaline and heart pumping MOBA action! The top teams from both Malaysia and Singapore go head to head competing to be crowned the number one team in Mobile Legends history.
The team line-ups consisted of:

  • IDNS SG vs MyA
  • AirAsia Saiyan vs Tyrants
  • MyA vs Tyrants
  • Tyrants vs IDNS

Quickly running down the games leading up to the finals, kicking off the day IDNS SG would sweep their games against MyA resulting in a 2-0 victory for IDNS SG. Next would be AirAsia Saiyan vs Tyrants which would go to a nail-biting tiebreaker resulting in AirAsia Saiyan being knocked out bringing Tyrants one step closer. The MyA vs Tyrants matchup would end quickly with Tyrants winning both games. This was the deciding match to see who we would see at the grand finals!


Full house for the Grand Finals!

Grand Finals – Tyrants vs IDNS SG

The grand finals would come down to both teams from Singapore, IDNS SG, and Tyrants. These two teams would do battle in a best of five formats. The tensions in the audience were high with the entire venue being filled to the brim, ready to watch these two titans fight it out.

Game One

In the very first minute of game one, Tyrants invaded IDNS SG’s jungle. They stole a jungle buff but paid a hefty price for it. IDNS SG took down three members of Tyrants in retaliation for their early aggression. With this takedown, they easily snowballed their way to victory. In retrospect, you could say that in desperate to close the gap, Tyrants’ over-aggression easily helped IDNS SG widen the gap instead.
Nearing the 11-minute mark, Tyrants start to show signs of life. Even after losing their tank, Swan, they continued to engage IDNS SG. Tyrants quickly turn the tides by picking up a triple kill but SynC of IDNS SG on the hero, Lancelot, somehow manages to survive this engagement. SynC then proceeded to bag himself a double kill, minimalizing the loss for his team.
The game went on and once again, Tyrants got punished for their aggression. With SynC taking down two Tyrants, IDNS SG immediately went for Lord. Tyrants intervened, attempting to steal the kill. Despite failing to get Lord, they did secure a double kill. IDNS fought back, taking down two Tyrants and soon after, their base.

Game Two

IDNS SG continues with their explosive starts by picking up first blood on Tyrants Ken at the two-minute mark. IDNS SG Mr. Vi, on his comfort pick, Grock, easily followed up this gank and bagged the second kill. An attempt on the Turtle by IDNS SG was thwarted. Tyrants Xian had the crowd shook when he successfully stole the kill under the noses of four IDNS SG members. The game would continue on with IDNS holding a convincing lead. This was all thanks to Mr. Vi making opportunities with his perfectly placed walls.
Tyrants went on to win a team fight, taking down two IDNS SG members. This led to a Lord kill for the Tyrants. With Lords on their side, Tyrants decided to siege the top lane. IDNS SG stood their ground, wiping out Tyrants in the team fight. Things just went on a downward spiral from here on for the Tyrants. IDNS SG rushed down the next respawning Lord and began their siege onto Tyrants base. Even though they managed to repel their opponent, the Tyrants had no towers left. Despite their hard-fought defends, they handed the win to IDNS SG when they lose the fight in the jungle.

Game Three

This time around we see a very different start coming out from Tyrants. Its seems that Tyrants had come up with a new strategy to approach IDNS SG. An early team fight breaks out and Tyrants Xian managed to pick up first blood on Mr. Vi. Tyrants further their early lead by taking the Turtle at the two-minute mark. At the six-minute mark, Tyrants were ahead four kills with IDNS still struggling to get their first kill. Things are looking good for Tyrants but IDNS are not deterred. They kept their focus on map objectives, taking down the mid and bottom towers simultaneously. Soon the casters notice that IDNS wQxD on Hayabusa has been left alone at top lane. He became a big threat to Tyrants with his huge level lead. Plus with all the farm he had, the better items allowed him to split push for his team.
Both teams would go about trading kills back and forth quite evenly until 11-minute mark. The Hayabusa they left to farm on top lane sprung into action. wQxD drew attention on himself, drawing four Tyrants members top lane. With the map free, IDNS SG sneakily took Lord for themselves. Eager to close out the game and take home the trophy, IDNS escorted the Lord down the top lane, eyes set on victory. Tyrants fought valiantly to defend but alas, IDNS SG extinguished all hope for the Tyrants by wiping their team. Finally, IDNS SG ended the game, taking home the Mobile Legends Professional League trophy!


1ST:                         IDNS SG
2ND:                       TYRANTS
3RD:                        MYA
4TH:                         AirAsia SAIYAN

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