Monster Hunter World fix addressed by Steam

by Sammy Chan
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Monster Hunter World became a phenomenal hit for Capcom. Releasing on consoles earlier this year, it became Capcom’s most successful game ever. The game came to the PC earlier this month and is the biggest game launch of 2018 on Steam. But, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for this mega-hit game. The game has faced multiple difficulties with their online session since launch. Players are constantly disconnected when trying to play multiplayer. Here’s an update on Monster Hunter World fix.
If you have been playing Monster Hunter World PC since launch, you’ve probably come across this issue while playing with friends. The bane of a hunt isn’t Anjanath or Rathlos but Error code 50382-MW1 in most cases. This will proceed to disconnect either most or all players. At this point, the only thing to do is abandon quests and this can get rather frustrating especially if you’re close to closing the kill (or catch).
It’s important to note though that the disconnection issue isn’t solely on Capcom’s back but more of an issue on Steam and their ports. So put down those pitchfork before going after the developer, calling it a bad port. They are, for sure, looking for a way to fix this.

Monster Hunter World fix update

The update that most players are hoping for is a fix for the connection issue. These are just certain fixes for the game and the connection issue might still happen. But oh well, one step at a time.

Fixes made:

  • Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline when searching for online sessions.
    Also readjusted the matchmaking function to make it easier to find an online session via “Search for an Online Session” > “Matchmake”.
  • Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline after having joined an online session.
  • Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline while playing multiplayer.
    This adjustment reduces the number of occurrences, though it does not completely resolve the issue. We will continue to investigate this matter.
  • Fixed an issue where the error message “E_FAIL: hr” would display and the game would crash when switching to full-screen mode.

Do remember that you need to update your game to the latest version of Monster Hunter World to apply the fixes above. The latest version of the game is 151910. When you enter your game, be sure to check the top-left corner of the game window to verify what version you are running on.

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