Anjanath Guide – Monster Hunter: World (PC)

by Sammy Chan
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So how many times has Anjanath roasted your butt while you’re in the Ancient Forest? Well if you’re looking at this guide, I’m guessing it’s been more than you can take. In this Anjanath guide, we will provide some tips to make your next encounter better. This guide will cover several recommendations such as armor, weapon, pre-fight preparation and of course, tips for the fight itself.

Armor recommendation

Before you head out hunting for Anjanath in the Ancient forest, I recommend going in with a full set of Kulu-Yaku armor. The Kulu-Yaku full set gives decent raw defense plus it has six points in Fire Resist. Alternatively, the Bone Armor set is also a viable choice. In comparison to Kulu set, this set has higher Fire Resist at ten points but lower raw defense.
The Kulu-Yaku set is recommended over Bone Armor Set because despite Anjanath being a fire-based monster, it doesn’t use fire attacks *all* the time. Hence, just having a higher raw defense is better.

Weapon recommendation

Seeing as Anjanath is obviously weakest to Water, one would probably aim to get a Water-type weapon. This can prove to be quite troublesome since most Water-type weapon requires Water Sac from Jyuratodos to craft. The drop rate can be quite frustrating.
Besides Water, Anjanath is also weak to Thunder and Ice (two-star) but completely immune to Fire. Here’s what we would recommend and why:

  • Greatsword
  • Longsword
  • Lance
  • Switch Axe

Why are these recommended?

Anjanath is big but his attacks are slow. Longsword is fast and has lots of range. Plus, the counter-attack can keep you alive if you can time it properly. Lance’s High Thrust is good for reaching the head as well. The key here is to focus on its head and all four of these weapons can do this well given their range in comparison to like, say, Sword and Shield or Dual Blade. However, you can really just use any weapon you want if you insist on your preference. The recommendations are just to make the fight slightly easier.
Otherwise, Hammer is also a good pick for more experienced players. It’s good at KO-ing monsters thus opening up further opportunities to land more hits.


Capturing isn’t mandatory but it does make the fight goes quicker. Ideally, if you want the most rewards, try to break as many parts as you can or all for the most rewards before capturing or killing it. Remember to bring these items:
Shock Trap (Trap Tool + Thunderbugs)
Tranq Bomb (Sleep Herb + Parashroom)
*Alternative trap:
Pitfall Trap (Ivy + Spider Web + Trap Tool)
This is harder to get in comparison to Shock Trap.

Fighting Anjanath guide

Anjanath’s weak spots are its head and tail. Ideally, you want to continuously smash its head in. This might prove difficult seeing as its a rather big dinosaur. Here are some quick tips on dealing with it.

  • Focus on hitting its head, it’s weak to all damage type (three-star)
  • The tail is also weak to all damage type (two-star)
  • Its weak to all ailments (two-star) with the exception of Blast.
  • You can also break its legs to trip it so you have a nice window to smash its face.
  • It doesn’t stay down for long but once broken, the legs become a weak spot as well.

Anjanath has multiple stages of enrage.

  • Stage 1
    • The first stage can be seen via the nose flaring up. There’s nothing special to look out for if only the nose is flaring.
  • Stage 2
    • It’ll raise its mini wings to indicate stage two of enrage. The special attack to look out for is the conal fire breath. This will only happen when both the nose and wings are up.
  • Stage 3
    • Once its mouth is breathing filled with fire plus the wings and nose are flaring, that’s stage three. It will occasionally breathe fire in a straight line, this can kill you in one shot. There’s also a unique attack where it can knock you down and then pin you before proceeding to eat you. Look out for this via the inhaling sound it makes while winding its head to the side.

Good luck hunting! Stay tune for more Apex monsters guide or let us know in the comments if you want weapon guides instead!

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