There's a Monster Hunter movie in the making

by Sammy Chan
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A year ago, a showreel by Mr. X showcasing a CGI fight between Rathalos and Gore Magala. Since then, rumors have been flying around indicating the making of a Monster Hunter movie. It’s been confirmed that a film adaption of the highly acclaimed monster hunting game will start production in September with a $60 million budget.

Who’s in the Monster Hunter movie?

For starters, Milla Jovovich. Capcom is basically bringing back the whole Resident Evil team. Constantin Films is bringing back director Paul W. S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt with special effects by Mr. X. Yes, these are also the same people that directed, produce and did special effects editing for the Resident Evil franchise.
Despite grossing a lower average in the western market, the Resident Evil franchise did extremely well in Asia – especially Japan. Hence it’s safe to say that the target market is more focused on the East. The movie tells a tale of a typical American stuck in a dead end job only to find out he’s related to an ancient hero. Monsters from a parallel world then invade our world, forcing him to train in a series of montage to save the world. Now, movie-goers don’t typically walk into a movie like these expecting a good plot. It’ll typically have more cheese than your concession stand nachos.
However, this is where the brunt of the work falls onto the special effects team to make the experience worthwhile but so far, in the demo-reel, it doesn’t seem too impressive in terms of accuracy. Check out the video above (starting from 2:37) and see how Rathalos has its wings bend downwards – which is a not a Rathalos signature move. Hopefully, the team will put more effort into researching the signature moves of the monsters they intend to bring to life.
Will you be watching this movie? How do you think it’ll turn out?

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