Mobile Legends Hero Preview: Aulrad the Contractor

by Sammy Chan
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With Mobile Legends new update patch in the advance server, we are introduced with a new hero Aulrad. It seems that he is a fighter type hero. The cool thing about him is that he has high durability and I can see him being played as a semi-tank. He has lots of potential at being both a fighter and a tank, basically.

How he looks

Let’s start with how Alurad looks including his model. His name almost reads like Alucard at a glance, doesn’t it? Well, he looks like Jhin from League of Legends, to be frank. The only difference being he wears a hoodie whereas Jhin comes in with only a poncho. Sorry, ML fan here, just had to point that out! It’s all in good fun but let’s get in on the real deal – his skill set.


Image via Fanaticbase

Skills like Saitama

Before you guys ask “Why Saitama?” we’ll get there in a bit. The Contractor is currently still in beta test so I’m taking comfort in that because his set is really scary. Not mention it’s also pretty broken. On paper, he seems like an unstoppable, unkillable beast. Take a look at his attacks. GIFs were made from Ask VeLL’s video, check out his video here.

Contract: Transform (Passive)

After two attacks, 100% damage dealt by Aulrad will be transformed into a shield on the third attack. This means every time during a team fight, he is more likely to sustain better. The shield will reactivate every 5 seconds after use.

Contract: Soul Steal

This skill might be the most utilized when you are focused on swapping lanes to hunt for that “booty”. It charges up hence your next basic attack will deal an additional Physical Damage. If this skill is used to eliminate a minion or hero, the damage of the skill will raise permanently by 20/40 points. He also gets a 100% damage buff to his basic attack when hitting minions or monsters.
Welp, I smell a nerf the next patch.

Contract: Explosion

Okay, please tell me this isn’t overpowered to a certain extent.
When this skill is activated, his scale armor will render him immune to any basic attacks. Incoming damage skills will be reduced. After 1 second of the cast, the scale will explode, dealing AOE physical damage AND stunning nearby enemies. Despite the fact that it only lasts for 2 seconds, that’s literally all Aulrad needs to solo kill you, really. Jumping into team fights with him is pretty much a cakewalk if you figure his combo out (of course you also need to know your enemies).

Contract: Chase Fate

If you think Johnson’s ultimate is cool, well, Aulrad is somewhat scarier than him. It grants Aulrad sight of his enemies upon the first activation, he can then choose his prey. On the second activation, once he has chosen his meal, Aulrwill dash through all obstacles causing Physical Damage as well as knockback to the enemy.
Literally going full-on Saitama, One-punch man mode.

My thoughts on this Contractor

There’s no doubt that this guy will be played in all upcoming matches the moment he even exists in the public server. That is until he gets a nerf. Then the non-core tank players will probably move on to something else or back to their usuals. As for me (#tanker4lyf), I would definitely pick him for a good amount of time since his skill sets really let me engage the enemy head-on. In team fights, Aulrad excels in picking off Odette or marksman who plays in the backline.

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