Get Cheap Mobile Legends Season 20 Diamond Deals and Discounts from 19 – 23 March

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Mobile Legends Season 20 is kicking off March 20, 2021, after three months of a successful Season 19. To commemorate Season 20, SEAGM is hosting a grand sale offering MLBB Diamond discounts for up to 6%. The SEAGM Season 20 Diamond sale will begin March 19 and end March 23. 

Bookmark the link and get instant MLBB Diamonds from SEAGM. Sale begins March 19.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotions begins on 19 March 2021 – 00:00 AM (GMT +8) and ends on 23 March 2021 – 23:59 PM (GMT +8) or while stocks last.
  2. All purchases of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond during this period will enjoy a discount of 6%.
  3. Multiple purchases per account is allowed however the discount is calculated via per transaction only.
  4. The discount applies to all denominations of Mobile Legends Diamonds available on
  5. This promotion is not valid for agents.
  6. SEAGM reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice if necessary.

What’s New in MLBB Season 20

As per usual, we can expect to see a rotation of new skins, emotes, rewards, events and more. Players can also enjoy new first recharge bonuses for the season, which usually includes a skin as well as a free hero worth 600 Diamonds. Patch 1.5.62 for public servers is also expected to be live as Season 20’s starting patch. We should see significant changes to certain heroes, namely:

Aurora: BUFFED
Terizla: BUFFED
Silvanna: NERFED
Benedetta: NERFED
Wanwan: NERFED
Esmerelda: NERFED
Johnson: NERFED
Yi Sun-Shin: NERFED

According to MLBB Update Infopage, Mobile Legends patch 1.5.62 goes live March 16 and will introduce the new hero Beatrix.

MLBB Season 20 Leaks – Unconfirmed Content

Like Season 19 before it, Season 20 is expected to revamp certain gameplay aspects to accommodate changes to the competitive scene. Most of this information is taken from reputable dataminers, but they should still be taken with a grain of salt. 

Following patch 1.5.62, we can expect a number of Battlefield changes. We can expect to see changes to the Outer Turret shield, Turret and Base damage, as well as a buff to the Lithowanderer. In terms of equipment, the Queen’s Wings, Immortality, Clock of Destiny, will be undergoing changes. Additionally, all Jungle equipment will be revamped.

There will also be new skins introduced throughout the season, as reported by various sources:

New Mobile Legends Skins for March 2021 include:

mlbb skins season 20
  • Khaleed – Crescent Scimitar (Elite)
  • Vale – Blizzard Storm (Epic)
  • Beatrix – Dawnbreak Soldier (???)
  • Beatrix – X Factor
  • Akai – Street Enforcer (Seasonal)
  • Saber – Silver Edge (Basic)
  • Hilda – Aries (Zodiac)

MLBB’s current skin lineup for April 2021:

  • Kagura – Rainy Walk (Starlight)
  • Chang’e – Vine Cradle (Epic)
  • Angela – Floral Elf (Epic)
  • Barats – Toy Rex (Elite)
  • Gloo – Forest Goo (???)
  • Gloo – Verdant Enhancer (Basic)
  • Minotaur – Taurus (Zodiac)
  • Granger – Starfall Knight (Legend)

All leaks are subject to change and finalization by Moonton. See some skins for your favorite Heroes? Save big by purchasing Diamonds from SEAGM during their Season 20 Kickoff Sale! For more on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, stay tuned to SEAGM News.

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