Mobile Legends (MLBB) Starlight Membership – Khufra Dreadful Clown

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March is here and with it comes new MLBB Starlight Membership rewards with Khufra “Dreadful Clown” as the main highlight. As usual, the Starlight Membership will feature 60 tiers of premium rewards for MLBB players akin to a battle pass. It will end at the end of this month, but players will have plenty of time to complete it thanks to daily and weekly bonuses.

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Khufra Dreadful Clown Permenant Skin

Mobile Legends March Starlight members are in for a treat as Khufra the Dreadful Clown is this month’s free skin. As if he wasn’t menacing enough with his deep growls, he now has creepy makeup to further strike terror into his foes.

“By accident, or by design? There is no difference.” – Khufra, most definitely.

That’s not all, Starlight members also get Natalia’s “Crimson Raven” painted skin at level 1, which would normally cost 188 Diamonds. Following the sneak peak trailer, members will also get the “Wide Smile” battle emote at level 40, and the Ocean Might | Atlas Sacred Statue.

As usual, Starlight members will get a number of privileges such as exclusive free Hero rotations alongside complimentary skins. Additionally, members get to unlock free Premium Prize Pool items such as fragments, potions, tickets and even Diamond discount coupons.

Starlight memberships provide excellent value for money, especially to serious MLBB players that play everyday. For 550 Diamonds, players get to unlock in game items worth up to 2800 Diamonds. If you go for the Plus version that costs 1100 Diamonds, you can earn prizes worth up to 6000 Diamonds. You can purchase these Starlight memberships from SEAGM. Not to mention, there is also a first time purchase discount for those wanting to give it a try. MLBB players still have 23 days to make full use of the March Starlight Membership.

How to get MLBB Starlight Membership on SEAGM?

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