What’s New in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 19 – MLBB S19

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 19 didn’t have the strong start we wanted. Fortunately, here we are two weeks later with some interesting updates to share with everyone. Interested to know some of the sweet updates, deals, and even the new Hero Season 19 offers? Let’s take a look at what’s new for MLBB Season 19.

Mobile Legends Deal of Season 19: Zilong

Recharge any amount from as low as 84 Sen Malaysia from SEAGM and redeem one out of three FREE HEROES worth 600 Diamonds. All you need to do is select your desired denomination from the site and input your User and Zone ID. Check out, and you should instantaneously receive your MLBB Diamonds as well as be able to redeem either Freya, Chang’e or Moskov for free!

mlbb season 19

We suggest you go for a 50 Diamond recharge, as something all MLBB fans look forward to each season is the first recharge rewards. This season, players can get Zilong’s Loyal Spear skin for only 50 Diamonds as their First Recharge Reward. Also thrown in the rewards pool include an avatar border and Rename Card, which you get for free if you recharge three times.

Mobile Legends Season 19 Fixes Ranked

Ranked Matchmaking may have been infuriating for some people. While it isn’t the worst for a mobile MOBA title, it certainly could be better. The Moonton development team has been working hard the past six months to bring a better Ranked experience for its 75 million active players.

Here’s a brief summary of the changes:

  • Adjusted the weight of recent performance in ELO rating, which reduces the rank difference between the highest and lowest rank of players within a match as well as increases the rate of high-quality matches.
  • Adjusted the rate of rank in ELO rating. This tweak significantly reduced the rank difference that occurs in matches and virtually removes the chance of matches having players with a 2-rank difference.
  • New algorithm on ranked matchmaking. Matchmaking should now occur faster with the same if not better accuracy.
  • Team-Up matchmaking rules optimization. The overall pre-made team type difference rate of matchups should be 0.
  • New matchmaking algorithm in classic mode.

New Hero – Paquito

The new Fighter hero Paquito is coming soon! “The Heavenly Fist” Paquito has outstanding mobility and the ability to enhance skills, which enable him to utilize various skill combos to outplay the opponents no matter in solo combats or team fights.

mlbb new hero
Source: MLBB Official YT Channel

With the release of the new hero Paquito, his skin Death Blow will also be available to purchase for 269 Diamonds. The Launch week should have a 30% OFF offer. Available 15th January, 2021.

MLBB Patch 1.5.46

A number of balancing changes have been implemented in this latest patch. You can read a full list of details here, but here’s a list of adjusted heroes if you want to save time:

  • Brody – BUFFED
  • Carmilla – BUFFED
  • Mathilda – ADJUSTED
  • Jawhead – ADJUSTED
  • Lancelot – ADJUSTED
  • Paquito – ADJUSTED
  • Ling – NERFED
  • Lapu-Lapu – NERFED

We can expect a lot more to happen in the coming weeks, especially with all the hype surrounding the upcoming M2 tournament to be held in Singapore. For more on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, keep tuned to SEAGM News!

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