Have you tried Conquer Online? The Boost Warrior Awakening Event is here!

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If you haven’t tried Conquer Online, now is the absolute BEST time to do so. Hot on the heels of another game under Netease’s heels, Eudemons Christmas Carnival Event, is Conquer Online – The Boost Warrior Awakening Event. We talk about what’s new, and also a special SEAGM discount on Hitpoints! Let’s check it out.

Conquer Online: The Boost Warrior Awakening Event

Netease has proven a pretty solid track record so far with a ton of updates being released for Eudemons Online. The same applies for Conquer Online with The Boost Warrior Awakening Event. 

As the story goes, Demons receive news of the Warlords awakening, and start to attack Remote City. They rely on Splendor Stones for energy, so it’s up to you to collect as many as possible. Also, rewards await those who grant their assistance.

There are two main things to be on a lookout for in this event. One of which is Splendor Stones, with multiple ways to get them:

Apart from Splendor Stones, there’s also the:

Cross-Server Assistance Carnival

What this means is the calculation of total Assistance Points across servers. When the total Assistance Points reaches the stated amount, players can share the corresponding rewards. Also, the fireball lights up when a target is achieved. Just don’t forget to click it to receive prizes.

Speaking of prizes, here are the deets:

Personal Assistant Goals

Apart from the Cross Server Assistance Carnival, there are also Personal Assistance Goals, with rewards available once the target is hit. 

SEAGM Hitpoint Discount

We’ve been having some serious, mega Hitpoint discounts for two weeks now, and in case you were living under a rock:

Buy Discounted Hitpoints on SEAGM

So if you were looking for cheap Eudemons and Conquer Online currency, look no further than SEAGM’s HitPoints mega discount! We have cheap HitPoints for your favorite Netdragon Websoft games such as Eudemons Online, Conquer Online and even Heroes Evolved.

All you need to do is head to the SEAGM online store and select your desired amount. We have super good stock clearance deals, where you can get 100 USD worth of HitPoints for a whole 6 dollars less!

Easy peasy! One last thing, stay up  to date with us here on News SEAGM for the best deals and hottest news. Trust us, you don’t want to be left out on good deals do you?

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