MLBB Battle Royale Event “Survival: Nexus”

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Survival: Nexus is a battle royale mode focused on tactics and survival. Upon the wasteland-style map, 100 players playing as Beatrix forms a team of two, and enter into battle together.

In short, 50 teams, 2 players per team. Finals team standing wins.




Each team will enter the battlefield on a flying dragon. After being deployed, you may decide on your own drop zone. The number of players on the dragon is indicated on the top-right corner while the player is still on the dragon. After deploying, the indicator vanishes. Therefore, you can decide when would be the best time to be deploted from the dragon.


Survival: Nexus – Battlefield


A safety zone forms once the game begins. The safety zone gradually shrinks and moves at set times. Heroes outside of the safety zone will suffer significant damage. Stay Alert!




Players seek out monsters or chests to gain tons of equipment and different weapons. What’s more, in Survival: Nexus, Betrix can use up to SEVEN(7) different weapons.


Survival: Nexus – SEVEN(7) different weapons


Military Blade (Common weapon)
A short-range weapon that deals 840 Physical Area Damage in a fan-shaped area with each hit. Still a weapon nonetheless.

Boomerang (Elite weapon)
A long-range weapon that shoots a boomerang which returns. In this case, each hit deals 840 Physical Area Damage. Maximum of 1,680 Physical Damage if the 2 hits landed.

Rocket Launcher (Uncommon weapon)
A long-range weapon that can shoot a rocket over obstacles, dealing 1,400 Physical Area Damage in a circular area with each shot.  Indeed a great weapon to damage multiple players at the same time in an area.

Shotgun (Uncommon weapon)
A short-range weapon that shoots 6 bullets in a cone-shaped area twice. Each bullet deals 656-875 Physical Damage. Maximum of 3,399 Physical Damage if all 6 bullets landed. Therefore a great weapon up-close and personal.

Sniper Rifle (Uncommon weapon)
A long-range weapon that shoots 1 bullet in a line. Each bullet deals 2,100 Physical Damage. Thus an amazing weapon for snipers.

Submachine Gun (Uncommon weapon)
A long-range weapon that shoots 6 bullets in a line continuously. Each bullet deals 280 Physical Damage. Maximum 2,520 Physical Damage if all 6 bullets landed.

Gatling Gun (Legendary weapon)
A long-range weapon that shoots 2×120 bullets rapidly in a line. Each bullet deals 175 Physical Damage. Maximum of 42,000 Physical Damage if all 240 bullets landed. During use, Beatrix will be locked in place. Therefore be careful!




You cannot purchase equipment but can acquire it by eliminating enemies or creeps and from Chests. Teammates can also share equipment by dropping them on the ground. Hence, using the right equipment for your hero increases the probability of victory.


Survival: Nexus – Monsters & Chests


Guardian 1 (2,520 Health)
Knocks back surrounding enemies.

Guardian 2 (2,100 Health)
Deals 2,290 Physical Damage in a rectangular-shaped area.

Guardian 3 (4,200 Health)
Give itself a shield to deflect all physical damage back to the enemy

Devouring Mage (1,785 Health)
Deals Poison Damage for a period of time

Lucky Chest (1 Health)
Just a chest.


Meanwhile, as you hunt down better gear, you’ll need to outpace the ever-encroaching poison gas-for the last duo left standing attains the final victory!




Level 1 – Steel Helmet (Improves sight range slightly)
Level 2 – Carbon Fibre Helmet (Improves sight range significantly)
Level 3 – Leviathan Technology Helmet (Improves sight range greatly)


Level 1 – Hide Armor (+1,500 Health)
Level 2 – Carbon Fibre Armor (+3,000 Health)
Level 3 – Leviathan Technology Armor (4,500 Health)


Level 1 – Aircushion Shoes (+15 Movement Speed)
Level 2 – Steam Boots (+30 Movement Speed)
Level 3 – Magne-Speed Boots (+45 Movement Speed)




In recent times, a most fascinating competition that grows in popularity by the day has taken Eruditio by storm. Known as Survival: Nexus, it draws in participants from across Eruditio. Convenient terminals allow participants to control virtual avatars using only their brainwaves, immersing themselves in a virtual realm as they take part in a tactical competition.

Those behind Survival: Nexus unveiled its jaw-dropping prize, given to those who stick it out to the very end. After years of uninterrupted peace, the Eruditio citizens welcomed such competition with huge enthusiasm. However, what they found strange was that it wasn’t invented by the Eruditio scientists: it came from the faraway Moniyan Empire.

Stranger yet was that each contestant would play using the same avatar. This all stirred up a lot of curiosity toward those who possessed such technology. In the Castle Gorge laboratory, Beatrix sat and watched as the Eruditio citizens indulged themselves, and a satisfied smile formed upon her face.



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