MLBB December Starlight 2022 + Vexana “Circus Magician”

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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MLBB December Starlight 2022 is finally out!

Time to get your hands on the new Starlight membership and enjoy amazing rewards!

Also, SAVE 5% OFF MLBB DIAMONDS when you purchase the Starlight Membership with SEAGM.

Purchase Starlight Membership and obtain a One-out-Five Exclusive Permanent skin. Also, the premium prize pool will be unlocked. Starlight Member Trial does not grant Starlight Skin nor unlock the premium prize pool.

The premium prize pool and Starlight skin refresh at 0:00 on the first day of each month (Server Time). Unclaimed rewards are distributed by mail, and if you haven’t claimed the One-out-Five reward, you’ll be sent that month’s Limited Starlight Skin.

You will get 31 days of Starlight Membership privileges when you have purchased the Starlight Membership. Check the “Privileges” page for details.

Purchasing Starlight Member Plus will unlock the premium prize pool for 1 time and grant 2,900 Starlight Scores immediately. Meanwhile, the Starlight Skin of the month and Starlight Privileges that last for 31 days will be unlocked.

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CIRCUS MAGICIAN (DECEMBER 2022 Starlight skin)

The December Starlight skin Circus Magician for Vexana is now available. If you are a Vexana main, you would not want to miss out on this unique skin. It has a very simple yet futuristic look, which will improve your mage gameplay!



When you have purchased Starlight Membership or get the privileges of a Starlight Member, you can claim weekly rewards on the “Privileges” page immediately. The unclaimed rewards will be sent to you by mail.

The exclusive Avatar Border will be unlocked for you when you have purchased Starlight Membership. Check it out on the Profile Page.

Each player obtains Starlight Scores through Stage Quests/Active Tasks/Weekly Benefits/Spending Diamonds/Active Events, which can be used to upgrade Starlight level. Players without Starlight Membership can claim rewards in the Free prize pool, while Starlight Members can claim rewards in both the Free prize pool and the premium prize pool. The rewards refresh at 0:00 on the 1st of each month (Server Time).

You can use Magic Fragments or Starlight Gems to exchange for rewards in the Starlight Shop.

Starlight Badge

Starlight Memberships purchased over the last eight months build your Membership Progress (only those bought after the update are counted in your progress).

Membership preorders will be counted in your Membership Progress once your membership begins.

MLBB October 2022 Starlight Membership – Starlight Badge

Weekly Free Heroes & Free Skins

Starlight members will also enjoy 6 free heroes and 1 free skin for each of the free heroes weekly for their month of Starlight subscription.

Weekly Rewards

Starlight members also get to enjoy weekly rewards to be claimed during the month of subscription.

  • Magic Dust x100
  • Rare Skin Fragment x5
  • Double BP Card 1-Day x2
  • New Arrival Token
  • Magic Wheel Potion S

MLBB October 2022 Starlight Membership – Privileges

Battle Bonuses

  • Gain 10 extra Protection Points when losing a Ranked match
  • Gain 10% extra EXP for each match
  • Gain 30% extra Mastery for each match
  • Gain 5% extra Battle Points for each match
  • Starlight Exclusive Talent Page


  • Starlight Exclusive Killing Notification
  • Starlight Exclusive Recall Effect
  • Starlight Exclusive Spawn Effect
  • Starlight (Lv.3/Lv.4) Exclusive Elimination Effect)

Exclusive Rewards

  • 1 free refresh for the Mystery Shop
  • Add up to 200 in-game friends
  • Starlight Exclusive Personal Info Box
  • Starlight Exclusive Chat Box
  • 1 Late Sign-in for “7-Day Login”

MLBB October 2022 Starlight Membership – Starlight SkinTime to get your hands on the new Starlight membership and enjoy amazing rewards!


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