You Can Soon Get Miss Pink Elf For Free On Honkai Impact 3rd’s New Update, Pristine Realm

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Honkai Impact 3rd’s upcoming 5.1 patch is coming and you can get the Miss Pink Elf for free! The latest update from miHoYo’s ARPG, Honkai Impact is called Pristine Realm and is set to release on 16 September. Elysia, the lovely Miss Pink Elf, will be the first DPS character in the game to use a bow. She’ll also board the Hyperion with a farmable S-rank battle suit and new bow called Whisper of the Past. There will also be a Pristine Elf stigma set and three more battlesuits will join the Elysian Realm.

Moreover, in this upcoming patch, there will be a brand new story arc, a rerun of the Sanka Saga as well as the permanent LITE feature.

Who Is Elysia?


In Pristine Realm, Elysia, the second-in-command of the Flame-Chasers, will be a playable character where you can get for FREE. Despite her graceful and charming appearance, she also keeps her distance and has an air of secrecy.
Elysia’s Basic ATK and QTE will attach Crystalline Seeds to enemies when she’s in combat. This will make them more vulnerable to her attacks. Moreover, Elysia has an Infatuation meter that regenerates over time by using Charged Shot: Cupid’s Bolt which fires multiple arrows.  If the Cupid’s Bolt hits an enemy to which a Crystalline Seed is attached. The seed will explode and detonate nearby Crystalline Seeds which produces a chain reaction that damages enemies heavily.
When she uses her Ultimate, she blows a kiss which creates a crystalline dome overhead. The bold then ricochets wildly to damage enemies several times.

What’s Next For Honkai Impact 3rd?

According to miHoYo, in the update after Pristine Realm, players can purchase S-rank battlesuit for Miss Pink Elf’s base card and fragments with Ancient Legacy and Ancient Willpower in the War Treasury.
Apart from that, the Bright Knight: Excelsis, the long-absent Luna Kindred, and Striker Fulminata will also join the Elysian Realm.
There will also be a brand new bow, Whisper of the Past, its PRI-ARM form, Whisper of the Past: Sonnet, and the new stigmata Elysia (T, M, B).
Additionally, Starchasm Nyx is finally embracing her magic girl side with her first outfit.

What is Honkai Impact 3rd?

Honkai Impact 3rd is a free-to-play 3D action role-playing mobile game where players would soon be able to play it on the PC, and it comes with a cross-platform support.

Players get to control a team of three characters known as the Valkyries. The game is set in a modern world that’s corrupted by mysterious energy known as Honkai. A tenacious resistance of Valkyries . The Valkyries are brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genome. They battle against the spread of the Honkai disasters and to fight for everything that is beautiful in this world.

According to miHoYo, the game’s stunning shaded graphics, immersive stories, deep customization, and infinite combo action have won itself an international following since its launch on mobile devices, frequently topping App Store’s and Google Play’s downloading charts worldwide.

Info via miHoYo

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