Marvel Super War Colossus Guide (Top and Support)

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Welcome to our Colossus guide for Marvel Super War! With the release of the Undisputed Champion skin in the Battle Pass, there might be a lot of new fans who want to learn Colossus. Therefore, we decided to release a comprehensive guide on how to play him.


Colossus is a tanky and durable front liner, who packs a lot of control with slows, knockdowns and armour reduction. While he excels at locking down a team fight, he lacks proper initiation tools. This means that he’s better as a secondary tank, thus making him more suited for the Support role than the Top role. Despite that, we’ll still include builds for both roles!

Skill Breakdown

Passive – Organic Steel Body

Marvel Super War Colossus Passive

Colossus’ Passive, Organic Steel Body

Every few seconds, Colossus will gain a stack of Organic Steel Body. These stacks show as a white bar (used to be dark yellow/orange) below his health bar. Each stack will reduce the physical damage taken from the next hit and then be consumed. You regain a stack every few seconds, and as you get higher level, you regain your Organic Steel Body stacks quicker. Lastly, you have slow immunity while you have at least one stack.

Take note that this doesn’t reduce magical damage or damage over time, and the cooldown is quite long, which makes this passive unreliable sometimes.

Skill 1 – Double Power Punch

Marvel Super War Colossus Skill 1 Double Power Punch

Colossus’ Skill 1, Double Power Punch

Double Power Punch has an area of effect that will hit two opposite directions from Colossus. For example, if you aimed it forward, it will also hit the area behind you and if you aimed it to your right, it will also hit your left. All targets that were hit by this skill will be drawn to the centre, where Colossus is standing. If it hits at least two targets, he will also knock down enemy heroes for 1 second. Knockdown functions as a stun, but also has a special interaction with your Ultimate.

Your skill 1 has a pretty short range, so it is best to use this as a follow-up skill or as a peeling tool to keep your squishy teammates safe. It can also be used to reposition monsters like Leviathan by pulling it closer towards you or your teammates.

You should max this skill first, as it allows you to push faster and it deals good damage.

Skill 2 – Metal Charge Tackle

Marvel Super War Colossus Skill 2 Metal Charge Tackle

Colossus’ Skill 2, Metal Charge Tackle

Metal Charge Tackle is a two-activation skill. The first activation throws a punch, hitting a single target and slowing them. If the first activation hits an enemy hero, Colossus gets a speed boost and he can use the second activation of the skill. The second activation causes Colossus to lunge forward at a target and knock it down (and backwards).

This skill is the most useful part of Colossus’ kit and makes the other tools stronger. It slows your target while giving you a moment speed boost if it hits an enemy hero. This lets you escape from a bad fight or reposition yourself for a better Double Power Punch (1st Skill). You can also use the movement speed boost to run past an enemy and knock them towards your teammates!

The second activation can be used on a different target, even on minions and monsters so you can use the lunge to hop over walls or to reposition monsters to somewhere safer.

This skill is a one-point wonder. The slow and movement speed boost is all we care about, and those do not scale with points invested. Take this at Level 1 and max this last.

Ultimate – Osmium Elbow Drop

Marvel Super War Colossus Ulti Osmium Elbow Drop

Colossus’ Ultimate, Osmium Elbow Drop

Osmium Elbow Drop is both an offensive and defensive tool with a massive range. However, Colossus’ Ultimate can only target knocked down enemies. When cast, Osmium Elbow Drop will cause Colossus to leap high into the air and crash down on the target. Then, the target will have reduced armour (from the Break effect) and Colossus will get a shield.

You can store two charges of this, so you can reliably use both charges in a team fight. However, it is best to hold on to a knockdown ability and a charge of your ultimate so that you can refresh the Break effect when the first one runs out. The only time you should do your full combo as quickly as possible is when your target can get away and you need to burst them.

Knockdown is a relatively rare status effect and hard to trigger, as knockback and knock up does not count as a knockdown. Other than Colossus’ kit, the only few skills that can knockdown is Black Widow’s Red Room Takedown and Proxima Midnight’s Terror Shadow. Therefore, don’t expect any other allies to enable your Ultimate for you.

The Colossus Game Plan

While Colossus’ kit makes him very durable, his unreliable passive makes it hard for him to be a solo laner. The cooldown is quite long and smart enemies will use their auto-attacks to break his stacks first. Other than that, he has no hard engage tools like The Thing, Hulk, or Sandman. Overall, we found that playing Colossus as a support and a secondary tank is more effective.

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During team fights, your primary role is to disrupt the enemy team while keeping your carries safe. You should use the movement speed boost from your Metal Charge Tackle (Skill 2) to reposition depending on what your team needs. Your first choice is to run deeper into the enemy team for a big Double Power Punch (Skill 1) or to push an enemy backwards with the second part of your Skill 2. Your second choice is to run back to your carry and push any threats away from them. Either way, you’ll follow up with an Osmium Elbow Drop (Ult) for the shield and Break effect. Then, you can use the shield to buy time for you to assess the situation and choose whether you go on the offensive or continue defending your carries.

Item Build


Early Game Items for Colossus

Early Game Items for Colossus

This is going to be a very straightforward build that makes Colossus as tanky as possible. Build Hurricane Pauldrons first for the AoE damage over time effect from its passive. Then rush boots and go straight for Megingjord for the sustain. We take this build path because it gives us the capability to farm and sustains ourselves more efficiently.

Mid Game Items for Colossus

Mid Game Items for Colossus

Next, complete the Glorious Armor and start building your other defensive items. Depending on who is more fed on the enemy team, you’ll take either Captain America’s Shield first if it’s the marksman or Deathly Phantom if it’s the Energy carry. Either way, you’ll want both as your fourth and fifth item.

Sixth Item Choices for Colossus

Sixth Item Choices for Colossus

Finally, your sixth item slot is flexible. Get Mjolnir for the healing reduction if the enemies are healing too much. If the Marksman is still dealing too much damage to you, get Vibranium Suit. If you don’t really need either, Goblin Mask can give you dual resists, more CC and a strong active skill that will make you a lot tankier.


For a support Colossus, the build path is exactly the same as Top Colossus. The only difference is that you swap out Hurricane Pauldrons/Glorious Armor for Enhancement Serum, the HP Support item.


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