Marvel Super War Battle Pass 17: Undisputed Champion Colossus

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Battle Pass 17 for Marvel Super War has just been released! This time, the theme is focusing on Colossus, as well as a strong boxing theme amongst the limited-time cosmetics.

Marvel Super War Undisputed Champion Colossus

Battle Pass 17 features Colossus as a boxer

Battle Pass 17 Rewards

As usual, the Battle Pass is split into the top track, which is available to all players for free, and the bottom track, which you need to gain access to. The top track has the usual currency items and trial cards scattered amongst random levels, as well as a few Dark Star caches. However, the bottom track is where all the limited-edition cosmetics are. Let’s take a look at what the Battle Pass is offering!

  • LV1: You can select and obtain one of the following skins: Magik (Phoenix Force), Executioner (Samurai) or Adam Warlock (Magus)
  • LV10: You’ll get the unique Battle Pass 017 avatar, which features Colossus.
  • LV20: You can select and recruit one of the following heroes: Yondu, Ant-Man or Jubilee.
  • LV30: You’ll get the unique Broadcast Screen. A Broadcast Screen is the banner that they use when they announce the kills that you get. In this case, we see a wrestling or boxing belt with a huge ‘X’ symbol across it, no doubt in reference to Colossus’ most prominent faction, the X-Men.
  • LV40: You get one Assembly Vanguard, a very rare currency that you can spend in the Logistics Shop.
  • LV50: You get the unique home beacon. We have yet to find footage of it, but we will update the article when we do!
  • LV60: The Undisputed Champion Colossus Skin! It comes with a unique recall animation and some rather funny sound effects. Every time you land a skill on an enemy champion, a crowd of fans will cheer for Colossus! Lastly, you get to see Colossus without his metal skin when you have no stacks of your passive. This is a unique effect that isn’t available on any of his other skins!
Marvel Super War Battle Pass 17 Cosmetic Rewards

All the unique cosmetics that you can get from the Battle Pass

You can get the bottom track rewards by buying Basic Access for 428 Star Credits or Express Access for 798 Star Credits. Basic Access costs will unlock the bottom track, which allows you to start earning extra rewards and limited-time cosmetics.

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However, Express Access will give you some luxurious rewards. Firstly, you’ll get 20 Battle Pass levels immediately. Besides that, you’ll also get a special Battle Pass 017 Avatar Frame. Lastly, you’ll gain early trial access to the Undisputed Champion Colossus skin during the Battle Pass period.

The special meaning behind the skin name: Undisputed Champion

Fun fact: An undisputed champion is a boxing title given to fighters who hold all four major championship belts in a division. Looking at the sheer size of Colossus in the game, he’s definitely in the heavyweight division. That means that the Battle Pass 17 skin is depicting a version of Piotr Rasputin (Colossus’ real name) that had beaten every other heavyweight within the Marvel Super War world. The real question now is whether those other heavyweights had mutant abilities or not!

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