LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong Crossover Items Rerun!

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The Godzilla vs Kong crossover for LifeAfter is getting a rerun! Originally released on May 20th 2021, the Godzilla vs Kong crossover event in LifeAfter was an epic experience for players everywhere. In the original event, players could team up to take down Godzilla or Kong for various rewards. There were also exclusive collaboration items up for grabs.

Get It While It’s Hot

From Dec 16 to Dec 30, LifeAfter will be having its Godzilla vs Kong collaboration items rerun. All the exclusive and time-limited collaboration items that were available in May will be back in stock! It seems like this will be your last chance to get them.

LifeAfter Godzilla Kong Rerun Suits

The two main stars of the collaboration event, the Godzilla and Kong armors!

Amongst the items that are available, the most impressive items are definitely the outfits. There are two outfits that can be gotten. The first one is based on Godzilla, named Atomic Power, which has blue and black motifs. The second outfit is based on Kong, named Guardian’s Heart, which has a red, brown and silver motif. There are different models for male and female outfits for both of them, of course. Best of all, the outfits come with special glowing effects on various parts of the armour!

LifeAfter Godzilla Kong Rerun Cosmetics

All the cosmetics that you can get during the collaboration rerun!

Other than that, there are more Godzilla and Kong themed items that are available. Firstly, there are the Pajama Party outfits, a casual and cute looking uniform. Some players even think that the Pajama Party skins are more sought after than the armoured outfits!

The next set of items is the weapon skins. The Flamethrower Godzilla Edition features the same blue and black motif while the Zanbato Kong Edition does not feature any silver, unlike its armoured outfit counterpart.

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Lastly, there are the furniture pieces and pendants. The furniture pieces are Cute Godzilla Sofa and Fierce Kong Sofa, which features their respective monster attached to a sofa. The Godzilla Pendant features a chibi-styled Godzilla breathing blue fire while standing amongst some buildings. The Kong Pendant features the super-sized gorilla swatting at a helicopter while standing between two buildings.

If you want to pick up these exclusive items during the Godzilla vs Kong rerun in LifeAfter, do it quickly. This is your last chance to pick them up!

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