Have You Tried Malaysia’s Mobile Game Ejen Ali Emergency? You should!

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If you’re looking for a good mobile game to pass the pandemic period, you should consider Ejen Ali: Emergency! It’s a free to play mobile game developed by Malaysian studio Media Prima Digital and Comm Extract. The action game based off of the hit TV series of the same name currently has over 5 million downloads on Google Play alone and sits at a 4.4/5 star rating. It’s currently finished with post content updates, so you can indulge the full experience with a one-time download.

Ejen Ali: Emergency is an isometric action-puzzle based mobile game. You will infiltrate deep into the MATA facility which has been hacked by an unknown enemy. During this mission, you will play as Ejen Ali to rescue Agent Bakar and Comot from being trapped as well as to escape from the highly secured defense system of MATA.

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Source: Rajah Haliqah on YouTube

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Great Graphics and Gameplay for a Mobile Game

Ejen Ali: Emergency has great cutscenes that faithfully bring the characters from the cartoon TV series to your mobile device. Graphics in the game are good. Not only do the cutscenes showcase something you’d expect from the TV series, but the gameplay also features an acceptable level of graphics for players to enjoy. Through Emergency, you can interact with your favorite characters in a way you never have before!

Aside from intense combat, Emergency also brings to you several levels to navigate and explore. Defeat various enemies and solve simple yet exciting platforming puzzles from the Ejen Ali universe. Encountering some difficulties? Not to worry, as you can also use iconic gadgets and items from the Ejen Ali TV Series to complete the challenging missions. Unlock a variety of characters, upgrade your spy gadgets, and brawl your way through Ejen Ali: Emergency.

With over 100 levels to beat, this action-puzzle mobile game is sure to keep you occupied during the quarantine period.

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