Nexon Korea unexpectedly announced Mabinogi Mobile over the weekend during an event. In conjunction with the upcoming Mabinogi update, the event was for revealing details about “Ring of Destruction. However, Nexon Korea announced a mobile version of Mabinogi – a mobile MMORPG where players can hunt, gather and be part of a community. Nexon Korea is planning to launch Mabinogi Mobile in 2018. Yet, Nexon Korea did not divulge any information regarding overseas launch or launch season.

Live A Fantasy Life On The Goal

Mabinogi Mobile

Image via Nexon KR

Players can look forward to journeying in the mystical land of Erinn once again from the palm of their hand. Unlike other MMORPG, Mabinogi encourages total freedom for players to live their fantasy life. You can either play the game casually with homestead building or answer the call of battle and be a heroic warrior. With the talent system, players can choose from 17 talents to play as.
Check out the reveal trailer here.

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