Here’s what you need to know about the Steam Client Update

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First and foremost, the Automatic Recommendation Engine code on the Steam Store page is getting rewritten. This is going to put more emphasis on Curator’s recommendations to help you on your next purchase. Next, the Store page will also suggest to you similar games based on what you and your friends recently played.
Another improvement coming with this update would be a slight boost to the current Curator system. This will hopefully be a step step in curbing fraud journalist. Actual curators will receive a verified icon to help developers identify who they should game their game to for review. By doing so, Steam can prevent fraud game journalists from hurting Indie developers’ profits. Since steam keys will no longer be needed, this also eliminates the possibility of people reselling it, further hurting game developers.

New year, new look

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Finally, the Library home screen will now mirror the experience of the current Steam’s Big Screen. This provides players with the option to jump straight back into their previously played game. Features like “Recently Updated”, “Popular Amongst Friends” and “Relevant Events” are going to be great additions too. Let’s take a closer look at these. “Recently Updated” will let user know if games in their library had just received a new update. “Popular Amongst Friends” work as a recommendation tool. “Relevant Events” will inform you if events like double EXP weekend occurs.
All in all, the changes sound appealing but it’s difficult to compare the differences without images of the changes. Due to its work-in-progress nature, Valve mentioned that they will not be releasing any images of the updated client just yet. All we can do is wait, but in the meantime you can watch the updates in their YouTube video down below.

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