Lunastra is coming to Monster Hunter World to reclaim her throne

by Sammy Chan
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Move aside, Teostra, there’s a new badass in town! During their stream earlier, Capcom reveals the addition of Lunastra. The Empress will be landing in a few hours on May 31, in the form of a free update. With the ability to alter the environment around her, she’ll make you think Tesotra is nothing but a cute kitty. Besides the Elder Dragon, there are several other things that are being implemented in the game as well.

New ways to craft?

Apart from just being a new addition to the ranks of Elder Dragon, Lunastra’s materials will also fuse with other Elder’s to form new skill. For example, fusing her material with a Bazelgeuse Gem seems to unlock the “Guts” skill! According to the Smithy, Lunastra’s material seems to resonate with Nergigante and Xeno’jiiva too. So make sure to head to the Smithy once you complete your hunt!
Here’s a look at what her weapon, armor, and Palico set looks like:

Alpha Set (Image via Capcom)

Beta Set (Image via Capcom)

Palico’s Eliza Set (Image via Capcom)

Stronger and harder Elder Dragons

Capcom is also amping up the bar for veteran hunters in this new patch! Lunastra’s arrival has the New World’s ecosystem changing and that includes Elder Dragons behavior. They are introducing Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons! These new and stronger Elder Dragons reportedly has new move sets, looks different and is even more powerful. Could this be Capcom’s way of paving a path to G-Ranks? Check out the Lunastra reveal video above!

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