Long service recognition – a decade of commitment from Choo Ing

by Aly Damil
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As someone who likes to have a work-life balance and interested in the gaming industry, Ting Choo Ing decided to join SEAGM. Let’s get to know more about Choo Ing from the Customer Support Department and his journey with SEAGM for the past 11 years.

Let’s get to know more about Choo Ing

Choo Ing has been a video game enthusiast for more than 20 years now, and still plays games during his free time.

“I’ve been a gamer for 20 years now. I started playing when I was still in secondary school. Now, I still play games and kill game bosses with my in-game friends during my free time,” said Choo Ing.

Work-life balance over busy life

Before joining SEAGM, Choo Ing worked and studied an Accounting course in Singapore for three years. He then realized that the busy life in Singapore wasn’t for him and is not the ideal life he wanted.

“When I was in Singapore, I had a busy life. It made me realize that a busy life is not really the ideal life I want to have. I would prefer to have a work-life balance instead, so I decided to come back to Sitiawan,” according to Choo Ing.

During the time that he went back to Sitiawan, one of his family members was working at SEAGM. And since they knew he was interested in the gaming industry, they suggested he join SEAGM as well.

Choo Ing with his SEAGM colleagues

More than a decade with SEAGM

Choo Ing considers his promotion to Customer Service Senior Officer and his 10 years award trophy during last year’s annual dinner as his career milestones with SEAGM.

“In the past 11 years since I joined, I’ve witnessed SEAGM grow from a shop lot in Sitiawan to where it is today – expanded into different cities and even countries. SEAGM also expanded its involvement in the gaming and esports industry. I hope that SEAGM continues to grow bigger and provide more opportunities to people who are interested in the industry like me,” Choo Ing on what he looks forward to as he continues his career with SEAGM.

Let us cheer and congratulate Choo Ing on his more than a decade of success with SEAGM!

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