Kai’ Sa, Daughter of the Void Is Your New Champion

by Sammy Chan
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League of Legends has finally released an insight into the new Marksman class. They have been teasing this new champion for the past month. Your League of Legends new champion will be coming at you straight from the void! Here’s a look at Kai’ Sa the Daughter of the Void.

Kai’ Sa The Daughter Of The Void

Kai’Sa is a denizen of the Void but looks more humanoid in comparison to Malazhar or Kassadin. Just like these two older champions, Kai’ Sa too, has her natural traits augmented by the Void. Also, she is the eight void champion released. Rek’ Sai was the last void champion and he was released back in late 2014. Kai’ Sa also makes the second void Marksman with the other one being Kog’ Maw.
An interesting fact that many players may not know is that Kai’ Sa could potentially be the daughter of Kassadin. Based on Kassadin’s lore, he lost his daughter to the Void. Trying to bring her back resulted in his own downfall. He too was corrupted by the void in the process.

A Different Type Of ADC

Riot Games promised us a high-risk, high-reward Marksman in their Champion Roadmap and this is exactly what Kai’ Sa is. Her kit is rather similar to a fellow high-risk, high-reward champion – Vayne. Kai’ Sa excels at diving head-on into battle, as shown in the video above. Her kit will allow players to play aggressively. With high mobility and damage, she can definitely dive in and take out a squishy with her huge burst of damage. Even Kai’ Sa herself advice players to be aggressive in her own quote.

Danger is real, Fear is an illusion – Kai’ Sa

DoubleLift, the AD Carry for Team Liquid has been helping Riot with the testing of the new Marksman. He said that the champion is fun to play and he’s looking forward to mastering it.  A Riot games employee also mentioned that he got a pentakill when testing out the new champion on his second game.

As of now, there Riot Games have not announced any release date. However, it seems like she’s near completion and could be appearing soon on the PBE server. Are you excited for a new Marksman? What do you think of her kit? Let us know in the comments!

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