[Limited Time Offer] Get Psychonauts free

by Sammy Chan
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Hold on to your brains!

Get Psychonauts free from Humble Bundle in the next 24 hours and you get to keep it forever. Take a trip down memory lane and pick up the classic platformer for free in this limited time offer!

What is Psychonauts?

Image via Humble Bundle

Sneak into Camp Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp as Razputin, a young psychic. In his quest to join the Psychonauts, an elite group of international psychic secret agents, Razputin broke into the super secret summer camp. But it turns out, things are not what he expected them to be when fellow gamers get their brains stolen! Playing as Raz, you now have to save your friends and uncover what’s going on! With your psychic powers such as Telekinesis, Levitation and mind projection, figure out how to save your friends as your explore the real of the inner mind.
Get Psychonauts free here.

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