Overwatch Free Weekend For All Platforms

by Sammy Chan
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Try Out Overwatch For Free On All Platforms!

This event might look very familiar to you. And that’s because Blizzard has pulled these Overwatch free weekend quite often. But that’s not a reason not to seize this opportunity! If you don’t know what I’m talking about there here’s the rundown:
Overwatch will be made free-to-play but only from 22-25 September. This event will be available on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One). If you’ve been on the fence about Overwatch because you’ve never tried it out then now’s your chance to decide if this game is worth your time!

Image via Blizzard

If you’re on PC, you’ll need a Battle.net account in order to install the game. As for PlayStation 4 players, an active PS Plus membership is required. Xbox One players, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership. But that’s all you need. There will be no special access codes. Just hit that install button, download the game and play! Easy game, easy life.
Want to know exactly what time the servers open for free players? Check out the chart below:

Image via Blizzard

If you create a free account during the free weekend and decide to get the game, the levels and skins you attained on your free account will be maintained through the upgrade. There are no roster or map restrictions for free players. You can play all the champions (DOOOOMFIST), in all the maps (this includes the new Junkertown map!) and all the game modes EXCEPT the Competitive Mode.
So note it down on your calendars, folks! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because the game is seriously addictive. Once you start, you may not want to stop. Start your Overwatch journey! For more information, check out the official blizzard website. Happy gaming!

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