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by Sammy Chan
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Ever had that feeling where you don’t feel like watching any esports titles because there’s nothing to gain from it? Well, now you can. Riot Games will be introducing an event that rewards you for spending time watching the games in the upcoming Worlds Championship 2018. The League Watch Missions will incentivize you based on how long you tune in to the games or what champion you play in-game.

League Watch Missions Know-How

Riot Games has made it fairly simple for us to earn rewards while watching the matches. According to the announcement made on the lolesports website, all you have to do is login to the website here – don’t forget to choose your region! – And watch the games. They will continue to track how many games you tuned in and will reward you accordingly. You need to watch at least 10 minutes or more of gameplay in order to qualify for the rewards.
This system is quite similar to the ones used by a certain hero shooter esports but with a twist. Riot will also provide missions that reward you if you play the champions that were selected during the pro matches. Time to dust off those champions that you rarely play, or not, if you’re lucky. Urgot’s quite a favorite in the mid and top lane right now.

Taken from lolesports

Furthermore, you do not need to login to the game client in order to check your rewards. The Reward Hub is available for you to use in order to check whether you’ve gotten your rewards using a browser or over a mobile phone. It is unfortunate for those who watch rebroadcasts as rewards cannot be obtained through watching replays. So if the games are going to start in the middle of the night, get ready to stay up to get those rewards.
One issue that we have found with this is community involvement. Every year some communities prefer to get together and watch Worlds together. They can just do this by watching it on one big screen rather than a few small ones. According to the system in cases like these, the players have to login using their phones or tablets while watching League on another screen with the rest. It doesn’t promote people to go out and enjoy esports as a group. Here’s hoping Riot will prepare support for those who wish to watch with friends or outside the main website in the future. They already have plans for more rewards and more missions for the near future.

League Watch Missions Timeline

The Watch Missions will begin on September 30, 2018, and will continue until November 10, 2018. The first game will begin with EDward Gaming from the LPL facing off against Infinity eSports CR from the LLN. Get your snacks and popcorns ready because this is going to be awesome!

Taken from the official website

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