League of Legends Worlds 2018 Group Draw

by Sammy Chan
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The League of Legends Worlds 2018 Group Draw commenced less than 12 hours ago with James “Dash” Patterson at the helm assisted by David “Phreak” Turley. It’s that time of the year again where Riot Games set the stage for who gets into the safest or deadliest group. This year the hosts were assisted with Flyquest’s top laner, Lee “Flame” Ho-jong to do the draw. If you haven’t seen the full show you can watch it here.

Worlds Play-In Stage

Here are the groups that were drawn during the live show for the Play-In Stage. Before we show you the groups for the Play-In Stage, here is how the stage is going to go.

Play-In Stage Phase 1

The teams will be playing in a Best of 1 (Bo1) Double Round Robin setup.

Play-In Stage Phase 2

The top two from each group will then be randomly seeded into a Best of 5 (Bo5) knockout stage. The four teams that win will then move on to the Group Stage to join the other teams in their groups.
Here are the groups for the Play-In Stage for the 2018 League of Legends Worlds stage.

Screengrabbed from the Worlds Draw Show

Group A
– EDward Gaming (CN)
– Infinity eSports CR (LAN)
– Dire Wolves (OCE)
Group B
– G2 Esports (EU)
– SuperMassive (TUR)
– Ascension Gaming (SEA)
Group C
– Cloud9 (NA)
– KaBuM! e-Sports (BR)
– DetonatioN FocusMe (JP)
Group D
– G-Rex (LMS)
– Gambit Esports (CIS)
– Kaos Latin Gamers (LAS)

Worlds Group Stage

After the Play-In Stage is settled, comes the main event. Here is how the Group Stage is going to carry out.

Group Stage

The Worlds Group Stage will begin in a Bo1 Double Round Robin format to decide the top teams for each group.

Knockout Stage

After the Round Robin is done, the top two teams from each group will then be randomly placed to fight each other in the Knockout Stage. Just like previous Worlds, the number one seed will have to fight the number two seed from a separate group.

Screengrabbed from the Worlds Draw Show

Group A
– Flash Wolves (LMS)
– Afreeca Freecs (KR)
– Phong Vũ Buffalo (VN)
Group B
– Royal Never Give Up (CN)
– Gen.G (KR)
– Team Vitality (EU)
Group C
– KT Rolster (KR)
– MAD Team (LMS)
– Team Liquid (NA)
Group D
– Fnatic (EU)
– 100 Thieves (NA)
– Invictus Gaming (CN)

Fun fact. RNG and Gen.G, previously known as Samsung Galaxy, has been in the same group three years in a row. How does that happen?

When is the action going to start?

Get your popcorns ready as the Play-In Stage will begin on October 1, 2018, at 1 a.m. PT or 10 a.m. CEST. The first stage is estimated to run until October 7, 2018, at Seoul. Once it is concluded, the Group Stage will be taking us to Busan and will begin on October 10, 2018. The first match of the Play-In Stage will greet us with EDG vs INF while the Group Stage will give us the best of the east against the west. The first game will be KT Rolster, the number one seed for Korea against the number one seed from North America, Team Liquid. How hyped are you for Worlds? We’re so hyped we already got tickets to Seoul, Korea to get ready for the Play-In Stage.

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