Knight Club Free Forever!

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Gutter Arcade just announced that Knight Club will be free forever starting 30 August 2018. And all you have to do is just sign up for their mailing list on their website.
What is Knight Club? 

Knight club is a 2-4 player action platform-game. If you are familiar with games such as Super Smash Bros or Brawlhalla, it is somewhat similar but has a unique feel in its own way. The game brings traditional fighting game elements with a free-form movement playstyle. So pick and equip your knights to do battle with your friends either locally or even online.

Screengrab via Gutter Arcade

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The game has a few modes to choose from which is Versus, Party Time, King of the Hill, and also Royalty. More regarding the game can be seen from their official site.

From their twitter, it is said that the game is not yet on steam. This is because they still want to add more content to the game before publishing it on steam.

How to get Knight Club?

As I stated above, to get the game, you have to merely subscribe to their mailing list. It is as easy as that. Head on to their official site, scroll down a bit and you will see the subscription button as shown in the photo below.

Screengrab via Gutter Arcade

Check out the game’s trailer below:

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