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Evolution Championship Series is the biggest fighting game event of the year. Now EVO 2018 is the twenty-second installment of the series. There were a number of fighting game tournaments held such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ and many more.

But today I would like to focus solely on a player best known as IamChuan. IamChuan is considered one of Malaysia’s best Street Fighter player which is sponsored by Atlas Bear and now he recently attended EVO 2018. Here is his story.

IamChuan’s Journey

IamChuan is definitely a great player. Before proceeding to EVO2018, he recently won the  Capcom Pro Tour Online Asia 1 and 2 back in June and July respectively. He started his EVO 2018 journey in pools B106 going up against SmokemaxX, Geoph, ChrisFascinatingHu, and finishing off day 1 against DaFeetLee. It would seem like IamChuan had a very good start.

Screengrab via Smash Evo2018

Sadly enough we only have one footage of him going up against Geoph, which he won very convincingly.


Now onwards to day 2 which didn’t go as planned as IamChuan fell at the hands of Cammy played by K-Brad. Truly this hurts for Chuan but he is not yet eliminated as the tournament has a double elimination process. From here Chuan went up against Shinji840 which had caused a surprise upset by besting USA’s NuckleDu. But Chuan rose up to the occasion and knocked Shinji840 out of EVO2018.

Screengrab via Smash Evo2018

Chuan still continued his journey by besting SAULABIS and now he has to face one of Asia’s best which is Xian from Singapore. This is an opponent which Chuan has faced in the past. Sadly enough this is where Chuan’s journey ended as Xian knocked Chuan out of EVO2018, placing him at 33rd out of 2499.

Screengrab via Smash Evo2018

Q&A with IamChuan

How did you feel participating in EVO 2018?

EVO which is a disneyland for all FG gamers, like Mecca, like paradise. Try to attend it once in your life if you can, it feels good.

What preparations did you do for the event?

There is no sparring partner for me. I worked hard myself purely on ranked matches and scenario listings with just galaxy brain, and of course, I reached 100k ranking points 2 days before EVO.

Sadly we were not able to watch your match between K-Brad and Xian. Both of these players are well known formidable opponents in the FGC and I know it hurts but how did you feel going up against these two?

After the lost, I felt hurt for losing to Cammy over and over again in critical period, and then of course there is Xian, I did all the control but sad ending in the end. After an indepth discussion with Alex legend GunFight, I felt that I need to work super hard on aggressive mode for Asia final.

What is your EVO 2018 memorable moment?

The moment Nuckedu lost badly to a Korean Bison and I dominated that Korean Bison, it felt good “lol” but yeah after that Du approached me on that.

Definitely, this loss will not put Chuan down and he will come back stronger in the future. As a Malaysian, seeing Chuan proceeding as far as he could at one of the biggest Fighting Game tournaments, really feels proud of Chuan.


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