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by Bradley Tan
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It’s been a month since the release of Metroid Dread and we know what you’re thinking.

Brad, you can do a speed run in 90 minutes on Metroid Dread. So with such a short game, is it worth touching it, let alone play it?

Short answer YES.

If you’re a fan of Samus and the Metroid franchise it’s more the reason why you should play it. The graphic is much better than the previous games and the gameplay is much more intense. But the star of Metroid Dread has to be its story telling.

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Story Overview

The game’s storyline takes place after the events of Metroid Fusion, where the Galactic Federation receives a video footage from an unknown source that suggests the X Parasites had survived the destruction of SR388. The news would lead to the Federation wanting to use these parasites as bioweapons. Resident Evil vibes here we come. So, the Federation would later dispatch a unit of E.M.M.I robots to investigate this situation from the planet in which they received the message, Planet ZDR. However, the unit would vanish after its arrival.

Then, Samus would soon be dispatched by the Federation to investigate the situation as she’s the only one in the universe that’s immune against X Parasites. Samus’ Power Suit can also regenerate to its original appearance, before her vaccination against the X.

Chozo Samus Metroid Dread

Image via Nintendo

After arriving to the planet, Samus was attacked by a hostile Chozo, one of the ancient beings from the planet SR388. Chozos were only mentioned in memoirs in the Metroid Prime side series.

From that point on, our protagonist and best girl, Samus Aran will have to face several challenges and puzzles head on. In fact, if you play the game with heart and follow Samus’ journey, you will find that the bosses in this Metroid game is much more difficult than its predecessors. At least we think they are.

Our Favourite Samus Suit and Abilities

Some of our favourite powers are Speed Booster and Morph Ball. They’re fun to use. For Morph Ball, Samus can drop bombs and go through tight spaces. For Speed Booster, she’s basically like the Hulk in an Iron Man suit. She can destroy walls/ obstacles as well as enemies in her path. When she’s in the Speed Booster state, you can activate  Shinespark technique to launch Samus in a specified direction. Ability wise, we do enjoy her Grapple ability a lot. It’s fun to see her go up to higher areas without double jumping. Kinda like a more advanced Batman.

Moreover, this game allows you to choose two types of suit for Samus, the Power suit and the Varia suit. The Power Suit is the standard suit while the Varia suit allows Samus to reduce damage  and insulates her in extreme heat.

Controls Better Than 3DS?

On the 3DS controllers, because it feels cramp, it was quite difficult to get through the game without complaining. But now, although the bosses are tougher, the Pro Controller on the Nintendo Switch really gives you much more room to control Samus perfectly. Like every other Metroid game, timing is essential.

Additionally, you can play Metroid Dread on the console itself, but, it’s much better to play it on the TV. Take your time, complete the levels one by one as the puzzles and fighting mechanics are very fun.

However, if you’re unfamiliar to the side view, it might take some time for you to adapt to it, but once you do, it’s a real joy to play.

The Mehs

With every good game comes the bad, though there’s not much to address, the one big complain we have of this game is the length. Sure speed runners skim through it in less than two hours, but for us, we felt that since we’ve waited for over 16 years for a sequel, it would be much appreciated if we gotten an hour more of story. Although the writing has been beautifully written, but we can’t help to ponder on questions like, what if the game added 20minutes of storyline, how far can Samus go?

However, to some, the storyline length is just nice.

Fun fact, the name, back in 2005 before the announcement of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it was meant to be Metroid Dread.

This reannouncement of Metroid Dread is what fans have been waiting for in the last 16 years, and it was well worth the wait.

Overall, I do feel that it’s one of the must have games for Nintendo Switch users. Though it can be quite a drag at some moments, the majority of it makes up for it. The game includes the elements that made fans fell in love with the Metroid series in the first place. Plus the new mechanics makes the puzzles much more enjoyable to solve.

The mix of both the old and new is what makes the game so special.

Rating: 9/10

Share your thoughts with us. Did you enjoy playing Metroid Dread? Is there something that you didn’t agree with our review? Let us know in the comments section or retweet us and we’ll be sure to reply you.

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