Is Eudemons M worth playing in 2021?

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Let’s explore if Eudemons M is worth playing in 2021! But before we dive right into it, let’s answer the question: What is Eudemons M?

Eudemons Online was an MMO released for the PC back in 2008. It was an innovative game that focused on many social aspects and built up a huge community. Now, a mobile version is available in the form of Eudemons M! The game was released in 2020 but has received many consistent updates since then. That’s why we’re going to review the game in its current state and go over the various aspects of the game.

Nostalgic Graphics

Graphically, Eudemons M does not look like a 2021 game, nor does it stand out among its peers. While Eudemons M might not have stunning graphics like its contemporaries on the market, there is a nostalgic charm to it. The art direction brings back memories of simpler times, echoing the graphical style of games such as Mu Online or Everquest.

The environments and settings are fun and varied, and the character models are intricate, with detailed animations for movement, skills, and attacks. Player mounts also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are just as detailed.

Eudemons M also comes with stunning cinematic cutscenes that show up during the early stages of the storyline. However, some of the voice lines seem to have localization or translation issues. Despite that, I always look forward to reaching the next cutscene in the story.

Retro Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Eudemons M is not merely an echo of the original. While certain stylistic changes have been made, the quality of Eudemons M’s soundtrack is the same as the original game, Eudemons Online. The songs in Eudemons M have the same charm that captured the hearts of many adolescents in 2008.

For example, the theme for the city of Cronus is more subdued compared to the original. 

However, it still captures the atmosphere of Cronus perfectly and inspires feelings of wonder and a desire for adventure.

For people who have experienced the 2008 Eudemons Online, the soundtrack in Eudemons M in 2021 is a blast from the past. It is also a nice experience for people who are hearing it for the first time.

Eudemons is the Name

The most unique aspect of the game is its namesake, Eudemons. Eudemons are little creatures that you can hatch from eggs, which you can collect from quests or buy from various stores. Each Eudemon can give unique buffs, and you can have up to 3 Eudemons active, so the potential for customization is quite expansive.

Eudemons come in all shapes and sizes, each with different benefits and abilities. Netdragon Websoft

All of your Eudemons can be raised up to 40-Star quality, regardless of rarity. However, Eudemons can only be strengthened by fusing other Eudemons of the same type. Meanwhile, the game limits how many eggs you can incubate at a time. This makes Eudemon and egg hatching its own little management game, as you have to pick and choose what Eudemons you want to prioritize, obtain and hatch.

Varied Systems to Engage With

Besides hatching and fusing Eudemons, there are multiple aspects of the game to interact with at all times. I find this to be very fun because I was always able to find different ways to make my character stronger and to push my Battle Power higher. Battle Power is a rough representation of how well developed your character is in various aspects and how strong they are. It is also a very important stat for PvP events and acts as a gate in various parts of the main storyline.

There are some concepts that will be familiar to any MMO player. Your Equipment can be refined, infused, and socketed for upgrades. At later levels, you’ll gain access to Crowns, Horns, and Runes which are unique types of equipment that are more limited but still give a significant power boost.

On top of that, there are a lot of other different systems unique to Eudemons M. You can strengthen your character through many ways such as the Divine Fire system, the Emissary system, climbing the Nobility Tower, being active in your Legion, and participating in Legion Wars.

There are five classes that you can pick from to play as. Netdragon Websoft

In terms of classes, 4 of the 7 original classes are currently available: Paladin, Wizard, Necromancer, and Vampire. Meanwhile, the Warrior has been renamed to Berserker. The Ranger and Shadow Knight are not available and there is no word about whether they will make an appearance in Eudemons M.


Eudemons M offers many quality-of-life features that in turn make the game quite low maintenance. The autoplay system will direct your character to the next quest objective automatically. Other than that, the autoplay will also engage and slay monsters to progress your quests.

The auto fighting system is optimized for unattended farming (or quest progression) and will default to your biggest AoE attacks. At later levels, you unlock more advanced autoplay options that automatically use select consumables. Examples of such consumables include timed EXP buffs and teleport scrolls, both of which you can earn from daily quests. 

The teleport scrolls will activate once there are no monsters nearby your character, teleporting them to a random location on the map. This is useful for EXP farming because your character won’t have to wait for nearby monsters to respawn. Instead, they will teleport until they are near a new pack of monsters for them to slay, thus increasing their farming efficiency.

On top of that, the game has dedicated farming maps that the players can access. The beginner map is free to access, up till Level 70, and you can enter it as often as you’d like. In contrast, the higher leveled farming maps require a small fee per entry, which can be paid with in-game currency. However, the monster density that these farming maps can offer is definitely worth the small investment.

Time spent in combat will fill up this resource bar that you can spend on finisher moves

A Flourishing Community

In Eudemons M, there is also a myriad of ways you can interact with the other players in the game. There is a trading system where players trade directly or set up shops, which will usually populate the hub towns. Besides that, you can also get stronger alongside other more senior players through the Mentor system. Other than that, the Marriage system lets you have a romantic wedding with a partner.

Depicted: A marriage invitation that would lead to a ceremony. Netdragon Websoft

Challenging world bosses that populate the world require coordination with a team, party, or Legion to take down. Legions are essentially the guild system that you’d find in other traditional MMOs. Speaking of Legions, the lucrative PVP modes like 1v1, Legion Wars make joining a Legion a big incentive. The game encourages players to form Legions and stick together to get stronger.


Eudemons M in 2021 may have some flaws, like poor translations and certain in-game materials being hard to procure. However, the game has many features to interact with. While playing Eudemons M, I never felt bored. I always felt like I had an objective to work towards to make my character stronger. The in-game community is also quite active and it was wholesome to see how the players interact with each other. 

Once you get past janky dialogue, there is a much deeper game below the surface. The various systems will always keep you engaged and each of them is an adventure of its own.

Keep your eyes peeled for any events or promotions for Eudemons for both PC and Mobile here.


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