Tears of Themis Launches Mysteries of the Lost Gold

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Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo announces that Tears of Themis is launching a series of limited-time expedition events called Mysteries of the Lost Gold. Players are welcomed to the hunt for the lost treasure of the Great Gold Heist. Various rewards can be earned by conducting island explorations and completing event missions.

What is Tears of Themis?

The main story of Tears of Themis takes place in the fictitious city of Stellis. The player kicks off their legal career as a rookie attorney, solving cases and issues by conducting investigations and debates. When the darkness hidden beneath finally unveils itself, a sinister force that threatens justice and order slowly begins to surface. The four male protagonists with distinct personalities, also known as the members of the NXX Investigation Team, will provide continuous support and assistance throughout this journey. Relationships blossom with the establishment of mutual trust and close cooperation.

Tears of Themis Limited Event: Mysteries of the Lost Gold

This September, more exhilarating cases, romantic stories, and rewards lie in wait in the upcoming series of limited-time events. Marius, the successor to a global corporation, invites players onto a treasure-hunting expedition with all the NXX members. During the event period, the four regions of Nosta will be open for exploration: Beach, Forest, Mountains, and Outer Island. As unknown dangers lie on the journey ahead, players must team up with their four partners to complete event tasks, discover hidden supply chests, and defeat violating contestants.

Depicted from left to right: New event visions, a new event storyline, and event login rewards. miHoYo

Specifically, resolving random events will earn you the special event item “Hunter’s Badge,” which can be exchanged for a wealth of event rewards. By participating in events, players can earn 25 free draws, S-Chip ×1,560, the event-limited invitation “Sea Breeze,” and the four event-limited R cards Luke “All Ready,” Artem “Here for You,” Vyn “Another Side of You,” and Marius “Practice Makes Perfect.”

There are various new tasks and activities to do in Mysteries of Lost Gold. miHoYo

In addition to rewards, the “For Hearts and Mysteries” event Shadow of Themis pool will also be available during the event period. In particular, Luke SSR “Iridescent Heartbeat,” Artem SSR “Dreamful Melodies,” Vyn SSR “Heartfelt Suspense,” and Marius SSR “In the Darkness” cards will have an increased draw rate. Players can draw from the event Shadow of Themis using both “Tears of Themis –Pursuit” and event-limited Tears of Themis. The new SSR cards contain immersive and heart-racing character-specific stories that occur during the island journey. The event launched on September 3rd.

More on the Horizon!

miHoYo’s Tears of Themis officially launched on July 29 on both Android and iOS. Game text is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Meanwhile, dubbing is available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This game has a rating of 3+ on the Google Play Store and 4+ on the App Store. For more information, you can visit the official website here, Twitter (@TearsofThemisEN), Instagram (@tearsofthemis_en), Facebook (@tearsofthemis.glb), the official Discord server, or the official YouTube channel.

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