How to use wishlist – Monster Hunter: World

by Sammy Chan
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Has it ever crossed your mind, while playing Monster Hunter: World, that this game has a LOT of stuff? Sure, there are tutorials to help out the new players. Still, several components of the game are more obscure and players are tasked with figuring it out on their own. One such component to figure out in the early game is how to use the wishlist. Once you’ve figured it out, it significantly smoothens your game progression. Here’s a guide on how to fully utilize it to enhance your monster hunting experience.

How does the wishlist work?

Accessing the wishlist is pretty simple. Just go to Options > Info > Wishlist. Most hunters tend to sleep on the wishlist since it doesn’t have its own personalized tutorial hence making it an easy miss. But, the wishlist function is one of the most important functions in the game. Especially when you’re farming parts for new gears, the wishlist will make life easier.
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Once you’ve wishlisted an item, the game will keep track of the number of materials you have/will obtain. This eliminates the need to run back and forth to the Smithy just to check if you have sufficient materials for the gear you wish to craft.
mhw wishlist
Upon coming back from any hunts or even just logging back into the game, the tracker will pop up on the right side of the screen. Plus, it also notifies you when you obtain a material for an item on your list. As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows you the required materials and how many you have so far. This makes farming less tedious and you don’t have to look at Smithy’s bare chest so much. Unless you’re into that… then by all means.

If you’re literally discovering the wishlist for the first time, don’t feel too bad. But, now that you have it, get out there and farm the sh*t out of those monster and wear them like a trophy. Hope this guide was helpful!

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