How to join the Revoland Whitelist event? – Part 5

by Aly Damil
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Have you signed up for the Revoland Beta test, claimed your NFT and BNB test token, and are enjoying the game so far? If yes, you might want to join the Revoland Whitelist event while you’re at it. We have prepared this tutorial for you to be able to join and save yourself a spot.

How to get whitelisted?

1. Copy the URL and open it from the browser:

2. Complete all the Revoland whitelist tasks.


(If it shows you’re creating too many entries, you may try again at a later time. Turn off the VPN to open the whitelist URL. Once you have opened the URL successfully, turn the VPN on again to complete each whitelist task.)

  • Click the first Revoland Whitelist task. Sign up for Twitter or login to an existing Twitter account.



  • After successful login or sign up, follow the Revoland Twitter account.


  • Click on the second task of the Revoland whitelist. Choose “Retweet @Revolutionland” to like and retweet the Revoland whitelist tweet.


  • Proceed on the third Revoland whitelist task. Click “Join #general” to join the Revoland Discord Server.


  • Should you not have a Discord app yet, you may download here to register an account. After clicking “Join #general,” it will automatically direct you to Discord to join Revoland Metaverse.


  • For the fourth Revoland whitelist task, follow the Revoland official Medium account. Sign in to create a new account or log in to an existing account, then follow the Revoland official Medium account.


  • For the last Revoland whitelist task, submit your personal BSC or ABEY wallet address.


  • Once you have accomplished all the Revoland whitelist tasks, you have successfully joined the Revoland whitelist event.


For more information on how to navigate the Revoland beta test, check out the How to install Revoland? article.

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