Harvest Moon’s Very First PC Release

by Sammy Chan
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With Harvest Moon’s 20th birthday comes Harvest Moon: Light of Hope 一 the first entry to be released on console in years, and the game plans to enter new territory while celebrating its very beginnings. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will also get a Windows PC release, alongside Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, making it the first ever PC release for its franchise.
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope hopes to move away from it’s predecessors, be it the full 3D perspective or the artstyle, to stand out on it’s own, separate from the Story of Seasons series. Instead, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s characters will have more realistic proportions. While the game features 3D-rendered models, the game is played in 2.5D style, meaning gameplay movement will be limited to grid-based and flat perspective, similar to Harvest Moon from SNES.

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Currently, the farming simulator dominating the PC space is Stardew Valley, but Natsume, one of the publishers for Harvest Moon, reassures that their studio is doing what they can to make sure Harvest Moon: Light of Hope doesn’t borrow anything back from Stardew Valley. The game includes the ability to play on PC with just a mouse, which is surprisingly intuitive in the demo, and the Nintendo Switch version will support full touch controls for similar gameplay. This control scheme makes Harvest Moon: Light of Hope feel less intimidating and more accessible to new players than other farming simulation titles out there.
With that said, something Stardew Valley is widely praised for, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will not have same-sex relationships available 一 yet! It has been planned, but Natsume will only introduce it into the game “when the time is right”. You can expect Harvest Moon: Light of Hope to launch by early 2018.

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