10 Best Sims 4 Confessions

by Sammy Chan

The Real Reasons Why We Play Sims Series

The Sims Series, with the latest one being The Sims 4,  is something that we’ll keep coming back for more no matter how long it has been since release simply because the game supports mods and allows all sorts of funny cheats for players to mess with but ultimately, it’s the sandbox-freedom that we look forward to when playing a Sims 4. Here’s a few confession from fellow Simmers on what they did

10. “Abuse the resize feature in Sims 4”

Looks like an accurate replica of my house, because I’m the sh**.

9.“My Sim met a nice Sim boy. They reached WooHoo touchdown after three deep conversations. I don’t know whether to be upset or proud.”

Image via YouTube

Those conversations must’ve been pretty deep. Ifyouknowwhatimean.

8. “I dated 20 Sim at the same time because why not?”

Image via Sims Forum

Whoa, calm down there casanova. I know what I’d do if I had 10 boyfriends and girlfriends. Disappear when someone throws a party. They’re all romantic when you get them one by one but when they’re all bunched up in the same room? 

7. “Max all the sliders in character creation”

Curiosity is a curious thing. It leads to dead cats and experimentation but never mind the dead cats. Experimentation is a work of science and us gamers are nothing if not scientists. So here’s what happens if you max out all the sliders in character creation.

6. “Made a Sim of my crush and made lots of babies with him.”

Image via Anonymous

Wait, that’s not the point of the game? Well, the best part about Sims, is that no one has to know you’re desperate enough to do it.

5. “Harry and Hermione should’ve ended up together. I fixed that in Sims.”

Image via Anonymous

“I made Ron, Harry and Hermione in one household and then married Hermione to Harry. So Ron is just a single, third wheel living in their basement with a urinal next to his bed.”

Well, just- well. We’re sorry, Romione fans? But someone’s really upset with Rowling decisions in Harry Potter. (I agree)

4. “Killed my neighbour with open console to steal their house because it looks better than mine.”

Image via Anonymous

The stuff people will do for nice things. This is why we can’t have nice things in real life because people do stuff like this. Where is the humanity? Isn’t this a life simulation? Though, it is a nice house. Hmm.

3. “Cheated my way to luxury then got angry at my Sim so I burnt him alive.”

Image via YouTube

“I made a Sims version of myself and used cheats to give myself everything I didn’t have. A stable job. A loving family. Good looks. Useful life traits. A sports car. A mansion. And then I got depressed that my Sims had a better life than me so I locked him inside the house with his family and set everything on fire because cheaters go to hell.”

My fellow Simmer, you missed out one thing your Sim didn’t have but you should totally get for yourself – therapy.

2.  “He refused the alarm, he had to get punished”

Image via Anonymous

“My teenage son decided waking up to his alarm and getting on the school bus was unimportant. So I locked him in a 1×1 room until he peed himself and died in a puddle.”

Thank god real life parenting doesn’t work like this. Else we’d all be lying dead in our own pee by sixteen.

1. “I went under the covers to watch my Sims WooHoo.”

Save the classic for the last. I’m sure we’ve all wondered what they’re doing under the covers. What with all their giggling and provocative noises. And trust me, you’re better off not knowing how babies are made in Sims.
But since we know you won’t heed the warning, enjoy the GIF.

Image via Reddit

There you have it, 10 best shenanigans done in Sims 4. With the new expansion, Parenthood, we’re pretty sure there’s plenty of funny things that Simmers did. If you hadn’t purchase the new expansion, check out our review of it to help you decide and maybe share your funny Sims moments with us!

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