Buy Watch Dogs Legions For All Xbox Consoles At A 10% Discount

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Watch Dogs Legions releases tomorrow ( October 29 ) and we couldn’t be more excited to hack the city of London. The Ubisoft game is a sequel to 2016’s Watch Dogs 2, which opened to positive reception and praised for perfecting upon its predecessor. Here’s how you can get Watch Dogs Legions for all Xbox versions of the game at a 10% discount.

How Can I get Watch Dogs: Legion At A Discounted Price for My Xbox Console?

First of all, head to SEAGM’s official store page. Once you do that, log into your SEAGM account (register for one if you haven’t), and set your region at the top right corner so that you can access your respective country’s payment methods.

For this step-by-step guide, we’ll be using the US Region for the sake of comparing prices. Don’t worry as the game’s pricing is at a flat rate worldwide.

After that, search up “Watch Dogs Legions”. You should see a product card for it. Click on it and you should land on this page:

buy watch dogs legion cheap on xbox

As you can see, the price listed is well below the Microsoft Store’s price of $59.99. Even better, is that it is for “Global” region. This means you can redeem the code no matter what your account region is.

After purchasing the code, go to your “My Orders” page and retrieve the code. Input the code into your Microsoft Store account.

buy watch dogs legion

What is Watch Dogs: Legion?

After the events of a terrorist attack, London entrusted the safety of its city to private military force Albion. The definition of “safety” is greatly warped, however. Albion CEO, Nigel Cass, does not hesitate to resort to brutality and other extreme measures to ensure crime is non-existent.

watch dogs legion xbox series
Source: Ubisoft

Nigel Cass isn’t the only antagonist in the game however. The Resistance will also encounter friction from Mary Kelly, head of London’s infamously notorious crime syndicate. The crimes committed by her syndicate range from drug pushing to human trafficking, and it’s up to the player to stop her.

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