Eudemons Online is now on Steam, and SEAGM has a special Gift Pack giveaway!

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In a collaboration with Eudemons Online, SEAGM is offering a limited time free Eudemons Online Gift pack right now! This, in line with the launch of the game on Steam, and their new server Delphinus! If you’re unfamiliar with Eudemons Online, we’re here to help!

About Eudemons Online

Eudemons Online is a fantasy MMORPG set in a mythic world. Players are given a choice of either a Warrior, a Mage, a Paladin, a Vampire, a Necromancer, a Shadow Knight or a Ranger. With over one hundred distinct Eudemons ready to assist you in your travels, players will have to select and train them wisely to add extra powers to your character. Experience exciting instances, wonderful visual effects, fierce PVP content! Enjoy with over a million other players worldwide! 

New Server: Delphinus

To celebrate the game coming to Steam, players can catch several events being held within the server. Firstly, every person who logs in the new server from October 29th – November 9th 2020 will receive a special pack with tons of very valuable rewards! On top of that, there are also new unique server events, such as competitions, sales and treasure hunts on Delphinus.

SEAGM special Gift Pack Giveaway

As our title mentions, SEAGM has partnered with Eudemons Online, and we’re bringing a special Free Gift Pack for new players on the Delphinus server. If you’re wondering what’s in the Gift Pack, well;

  • One Million Gold
  • Graceful Fiery Soul Pack (30 Days)
  • Elf Nevaeh Pack
  • Sea of Stars (14 Days)
  • X1 set of Level 51 Super Equipment
  • X1 Level 71 Super Weapon

Event Rules:

  1. Event Duration: October 28th to November 27th
  2. One gift per new created character.
  3. Only for the new players who have successfully registered during the event.
  4. Code can only be used in the new server: Delphinus.

How to Redeem Your Gift Pack?

1: Sign up for FREE on our relative game page. (

2: Download the game and login to create a new character.

3: Open “Hot Event” on the top right of the game, key in this code STEAMEO777 and claim it on the Gift Pack Code page.

4: Then receive your giftpack through mail.

To conclude, Eudemons Online is out now on Steam, and it’s FREE! What are you waiting for? On that note, do you know when the Steam Halloween Sale kicks off? We do! Check it out!

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