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Limited time offer, get it fast!

Humble Bundle is kicking off their End of Summer Sale by giving away The Walking Dead: Season 1 free. The publisher, Telltale Games, is also part of the publisher sales alongside 2K Games and Activision. The free copy of the game will include all 5 episodes since they are giving away the complete first season.

What is The Walking Dead?

Image via Telltale Games

This game is a five-part game series that plays in an episodic manner. It is set in the same universe as the award-winning comic book series by Robert Kirkman. Instead of playing as the protagonist from the TV series, Rick Grimes, you will be Lee Everett. Lee is a convicted criminal, given a second chance when the zombie apocalypse hit. As you progress you will meet Clementine, an orphaned girl. Could she Lee’s last chance to for redemption? Gameplay wise, you can expect lots of story-mode dialogue accompanied by Quick Time Event triggers.

  • Ep. 1 – A New Day
  • Ep. 2 – Starved for Help
  • Ep. 3 – Long Road Ahead
  • Ep. 4 – Around Every Corner
  • Ep. 5 – No Time Left

Treat this story like a prologue as these events are set to foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff, Rick Grimes. You’ll also get to meet Glenn before he was headed to Atlanta, and the chance to explore Hershel’s farmhouse. The game will require you to make an important decision that will determine the outcome of the story.
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