Taufik Hidayat Bin Arif Shah – from intern to full-time employee

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SEAGM internship program does not only provide a professional learning experience and a conducive environment in the esports and video game industry. It also allows these students to take a step closer to the career they want to pursue and become a full-time employee at SEAGM. 

Taufik Hidayat Bin Arif Shah is a former intern from UITM Shah Alam who officially joined SEAGM as a full-time employee. Let’s get to know more about him.

Taufik with Carmen Hor and Nge Swee Ping

From intern to full-time employee

“Overall, my internship with SEAGM was very fun and interesting. I like the culture here and would not mind continuing my career here. It helped me a lot in understanding human behavior and how to handle them well.”

Taufik started his internship under the Quality Assurance Department in September of 2022. With the supervision of Carmen Hor, OD Manager, he learned a lot about handling people, conducting online meetings, and QA work on SOPs. He will continue to work for SEAGM as its new Content Creator.

Taufik with Carmen Hor

“I enjoy playing games with my friends such as Genshin Impact and FIFA 2023. I like gaming, so I would like to do something related to the gaming industry,” said Taufik.

“Being a QA intern gave me a sense of idea in content creation. Hence, I applied for the Content Creator role. I am looking forward to learning more things and expanding my career growth with SEAGM,” he added.

While SEAGM ensures that the internship program offers the students a hands-on experience in the esports and video game industry, it also provides an opportunity to become a stepping stone in reaching the career path they want to take through becoming a full-time employee.

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