Garena Free Fire Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle

by Patrick Mark
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Garena has been generously releasing content into Free Fire and it’s putting a smile on everyone’s face. From new character skin releases to weapon and pet skins, every week of this anniversary month has been special.

Even today, Garena just released the Musical Ascension which is a new tab in the Weapon Royale. You can now spin for tokens in Musical Ascension to obtain the Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle rocking it’s way in the land of Bermuda from WEDNESDAY 25th August 2021 to TUESDAY 7th September 2021.


If you’re  familiar with the Weapon Royale mechanics, the Musical Ascension is very much similar. However, instead of spinning for a prized item like your typical Weapon Royale, instead you receive a token which can then be exchanged for various prizes from the Musical Ascension.

Amongst the various prizes that includes weapon skin bundles and memory fragments, the tokens can only be exchanged for unique event prizes such as:-

  • Soundwave Thrasher
  • Thrash Goth – Jeep
  • Cadenia Treblerock Bundle
  • Fist Bump
  • Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle

Soundwave Thrasher

Thrash Goth – Jeep

Cadenia Treblerock Bunde

Fist Bump

Enharmonic Treblerock Bundle

The Crimson Red scheme already looks good and to top it off with black leather outfits surely fits the rock theme.

In addition to the skin bundles that Garena has release in their Anniversary month, which one was your favourite? let us know.

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