Pandemic Life-Partner, RUBY BRIDE, Has Arrived

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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Ruby Bride Bundle is now available at the Diamond Royale event. This bundle will be available for 21 days only from THURSDAY 29th July 2021 to THURSDAY 19th August 2021.


Why be alone gaming when you can have the Ruby Bride Bundle by your side during this pandemic! If you’re in need of Free Fire Diamonds at great prices, SEAGM is here!


Ruby Bride Bundle – Poster



  1. Diamond Royale: Consumes diamonds to spin once or ten times. Spinning ten times will net you an additional spin.
  2. Gold Royale: Consumes gold to spin once or ten times. Spinning ten times will net you an additional spin.
  3. You will receive one free gold royale spin once a day, reset every 24 hours.
  4. Duplicates received will be converted into tokens.
  5. When you accumulate enough spins, you will be able to receive an additional prize. The accumulated spin counter resets every Monday at 04:00 AM.
  6. The higher your luck quotient, the higher your chance of getting very rare items. Luck quotient resets after you receive the grand prize.
  7. Tokens received from luck royale can be used to exchange for prizes on the token exchange page. Prizes available for exchange will be updated on a regular basis.


Of course, the first spin is usually FREE.

However, the next ones will be 50 diamonds each.

You can also save more by spending 500 diamonds and get 10+1 spins (You get an extra spin).



  • Ruby Bride Bundle
    – Top
    – Bottom
    – Shoes
    – Head


Ruby Bride Bundle – Full Set


  • Magic Cube
  • Cube Fragment
  • Neolithic (Top)
  • Neolithic (Bottom)
  • Neolithic (Mask)
  • Neolithic (Shoes)
  • Paleolithic (Top)
  • Paleolithic (Bottom)
  • Paleolithic (Mask)
  • Paleolithic (Shoes)
  • Flame Fighter (Top)
  • Flame Fighter (Bottom)
  • Flame Fighter (Mask)
  • Flame Fighter (Shoes)
  • Lady of Flame (Top)


Lucky Royale Prizes – List 1


  • Lady of Flame (Bottom)
  • Lade of Flame (Mask)
  • Lady of Flame (Shoes)
  • Combat Vest (Male)
  • Combat Pants (Male)
  • Combat Boots (Male)
  • Combat Vest (Female)
  • Combat Shorts (Female)
  • Combat Boots (Female)
  • T-Shirt (Smile)
  • Discount Coupon
  • Sneakers (White)
  • Sneakers (Blue)
  • Sneakers (Black)
  • Shorts (Camouflage)
  • Shorts (Jungle)


Lucky Royale Prizes – List 2


  • Shorts (Desert)
  • T-Shirt (Dislike)
  • T-Shirt (Like)
  • Memory Fragment x 100
  • 50% EXP Card
  • 50% Gold card


Lucky Royale Prizes – List 3


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