Hello Pulis! Police Sentri, A Look Into A Malaysian Party Game

by Bradley Tan
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Most of us know about the recently popular Malaysian phrase, Hello Pulis. Now, you can play as a police officer in this new multiplayer game! Police Sentri is a Malaysian-made multiplayer game which was widely inspired by games from our past. This party game allows up to 8 players in one game. Additionally, the idea behind it is from some of our favourite childhood games including Police and Robber and Hide and Seek.

The mechanics of Police Sentri work in a way that each player will be given a specific role, whether they’re the police or robbers.

In a way, this game feels like the popular, Among Us but with a Malaysian twist.

Players who play as the police officers will have to catch all the robbers to win the game. For robbers to win, they need to hold the ‘money bag’ while evading police until the timer runs out.

Development of Police Sentri

According to the press statement by Todak Studio, the studio started working on the Police Sentri game back in January  2021.

Much like us, the creators of  Police Sentri are also missing the social interactions that we once had with friends and families.

However, the pandemic would serve as a blessing in disguise for the studio. Like us, the developers reminisce about their childhood and hence comes the idea and development for Police Sentri.

The intense game with tons of chaotic elements in the game allows players to achieve rewards. It makes their progression exciting and with the randomized special powers, it comes with endless possibilities.

Police Sentri is currently available on the iOS, Google Play Storeitch.io, and Game Jolt for free. However, it’ll also be available on Steam later.


Who is Todak Studios?

Todak Studios emphasizes on game development and game publishing. They are a team of developers seeking the possibilities of creating well-designed and highly enjoyable games. The studio is also equipped with high-tech facilities. This means that they constantly research and provide gamers with the best gaming experience possible.

For more information on Todak Studios and its parent company, Todak visit here.

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