FIFA 21 – Kylian Mbappe, Release Date and Details

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Excited for FIFA 21? We’re all pondering on its release date. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that it features young rising star Kylian Mbappe as it’s cover star. But that’s not all it’s about now is it?

FIFA 21 & Kylian Mbappe

Source: EA Sports FIFA Youtube Channel

While a majority of the world is still facing a pandemic here, who says you can’t be playing football (or soccer as it’s referred to in some countries) during this time? FIFA 21! Best of all, it retains all that’s good with its predecessor (FIFA 20), and includes some new tweaks as well, including a new cover star, which we’ll touch on right now. Donning the cover this time around is none other than Kylian Mbappe, a man that became a Ligue 1 Player at a tender age of just 20 years old. It’s been merely 4 years since that achievement, and he now finds himself as FIFA 21’s cover star. What an impressive feat!

Gameplay tease? Details:

Source: EA Sports FIFA Youtube Channel

If you’re coming from FIFA 20, you’d know what to expect in the latest. Apart from being able to play as the cover star himself, there are of course new additions in career mode and new ways to play FIFA’s Ultimate Team (FUT). Lastly, VOLTA will also be in FIFA 21 to provide players some fast paced street football action. Whether it’s on the streets or in the stadium, FIFA 21 has more ways to play than ever before – including the UEFA Champions League and CONMEBOL Libertadores. With unrivaled authenticity, FIFA 21 is the ULTIMATE football game out there!

Release Date

The game is set to launch on October 6th, 2020, and will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Rumour has it that it will also be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but honestly, it’s no surprise now isn’t it?)

Above all, SEAGM has FIFA 21 Origin CD-Keys available, so you can save yourself from the hassle of queueing up. Just stay home, stay safe, and play games!  

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