Free Fire x McLaren – Roadster Studio FULL GUIDE

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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Roadster Studio is an event under the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration. Players can create and customize their own car from MONDAY 26th July 2021 to SATURDAY 31st July 2021.


Roadster Studio – Event Poster


Only THREE (3) car parts can be customized:-

  • Body paint colour
  • Seat colour
  • Rims + tyre colour


Also, there are THREE (3) colours to choose from for each car part:-

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue


Roadster Studio – Design Your Car



  1. To begin with, make your own car and share it.
  2. Earn rewards through clicking or playing games.
  3. Every time you gain a click from FF players, you can get random rewards!


Complete mission to unlock rewards, the number of enlistments during this event is limited


For this purpose, there are 2 ways to complete the mission(s) provided.

  • Clicks
  • Games


Roadster Studio – Mission


For example, getting 1 click will earn you a Gold Royale Voucher as a reward. Likewise, you can also earn the reward by playing 5 games.


In brief, the fastest way to complete the missions is through the clicks option. Also, players can also earn extra rewards for each new click.



  • Gold Royale Voucher
  • McLaren Racing Helmet
  • Diamond Voucher
  • Grand Prize – McLaren Racing Overalls


McLaren Racing Helmet


McLaren Racing Overalls



Explore the exciting collaboration between Free Fire, the top shooting game and McLaren, the top racing car brand! There are a series of collaboration items for this event, including McLaren racing costumes, a pet skin, and other themed collection items. Of course, no racing collaboration is complete without exclusive car skins – the main highlights of the event!


Introducing McLaren’s crown jewel – the P1 car. This car skin will be modelled after the best racing car, keeping all its stylish features and details down to a T. In-game, it will be available in 4 different colours for you to choose from!



Next in line is the one and only “McLaren Project FF” vehicle – an exclusive car co-designed by both Free Fire and Mclaren’s top designers. Together, we’ve developed an elegant yet powerful car model that brings out the best of McLaren racing and iconic Free Fire elements.


In the mood for a race? In this case, ace the field in this limited-time collaboration event! Start playing now to collect various stylish Free Fire X McLaren collaboration items for free!



Moreover, are you looking for Free Fire Diamonds at great prices?


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