FFXIV: Sigmascape V4.0 Savage Text Guide (Kefaust)

by Sammy Chan
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The Sigmascape V4.0 Savage text guide! If you’re here that means you’re ready to clear the tier! But first, there is a wall you must conquer before you can see the real fight. It may seem hard at first because there are a lot of mechanics that force you to react specifically rather than it being set in stone. So pay attention!

List of Attacks

DPS Requirement: 30k
Before the fight starts, set the waymarks up like so:
V8S Diagram
And then pair a Tank/Healer up with a DPS at each letter. Usually, Tanks and Melees take A and B. Healers and Ranged take C and D. Remember your letter and remember where they are because this is important.
Hyperdrive – Tankbuster and hits nearby players.
Ultima Upsurge – Raid-wide AoE.
Light of Judgement – A harder hitting raid-wide AoE. You may use this attack to charge Limit Break. Just use Reprisal, Shake it off/Divine Veil, Healer shields to get the party low enough to build Limit Break. Don’t use Addle.
Flagrant Fire – Either a spread or stack mechanic. Question marks: do the opposite of what the marker tells you to.
Thrumming Thunder – Line AoEs that cuts through the arena vertically or horizontally. Question marks: The safe spot is in an intersection where the horizontal and vertical lines overlap.
Blizzard Blitz –  An AoE attack that hits close to Kefka or the whole arena except around Kefka. Question marks: Run into the purple floors.
Mana Charge – The next set of Flagrant Fire, Thrumming Thunder, and Blizzard Blitz will be saved.
Mana Release – Executes the previously saved set of Flagrant Fire, Thrumming Thunder, and Blizzard Blitz all at once.
Revolting Ruin – Just like in normal mode, a lightning attack that Kefka shoots out immediately after Timely Teleport. Hits in a conal AoE in front of him. Run close to the edge where he’s spawning for his teleport to avoid this attack.
Graven Image: Different attacks depending on which section of the statue you’re on. Just like in normal mode. There are three main graven mechanics.

1st Graven:

Inexorable Will – Telegraphed AoE that appears under random players. Getting hit will give you a Vulnerability Debuff.
Wave Cannon – A linear attack that targets DPS players.
Pulse Wave – Knockback tether.
Indomitable Will – A 2 person stack marker. Failing to stack 2 people in this marker will result in a Vulnerability Debuff.
During the first time, you see Kefka cast graven. Stack up with the rest of the group in the middle to bait all the AoEs he’ll drop for Inexorable Will. After that casts, run out in different directions as the statue will start targetting DPS players with Wave Cannon.
A way you can spread out effectively is to have the melee DPS bait the cannon in the inner part of the arena on the north side and have ranged DPS bait theirs on the outer part of the arena. That way you won’t overlap the Wave Cannon attacks and take twice the damage. Remember, you are still dodging the Inexorable Will AoEs are you’re baiting the Wave Cannons.
After that, some players will get a tether on them. This means you’ve been targeted for Pulse Wave, which is a knockback. Casters and Healers should have Surecast to help with this and Melees can use Arms Length but you might want to save that for a mechanic down the line. Everyone else will have to go to the North side of the arena to avoid being knocked back. You’ll have to pop squint just before or after you get knocked back.
As soon as Pulse Wave comes out, you must run back to the letter you were assigned to stack with your partner for Indomitable Will. Then immediately after, sprint to the edge of the arena where Kefka is teleporting to. Do this quickly or you will be caught by Revolting Ruin.

1st Graven Image:

Graven Image will be casting again during this first section of the statue. This is a mechanic you will have seen in normal mode. A ball of light will appear on one side of the arena and you will be knocked back from that direction. At the same time, Kefka will be casting Mana Charge. Remember the safe spots and run toward the ball of light.
Surecast will be up for this and if you didn’t use Arms Length to negate the tethers before, you can use that. If not, adjust. If you have a PLD, you can get them to Cover and Tempered Will the MT but they will need to pop some major CDs because you’ll be taken double the Shockwave damage as well as auto-attacks from Kefka.

2nd Graven:

Gravitas – AoE damage to four players that need to be stacked with another player or else the whole party will be afflicted with a Damage Down.
Vitophyre – AoE damage to the other four players. Being close to a person with this tether will result in you being knocked off the arena.
Aero Assault – A knockback that throws you a considerable distance backward. Kefka will need to be prepositioned in the north side of the arena BEFORE he casts graven for the 2nd part of the statue.
Again, you will use the letter positioning for this. To make this simple, ignore which side of the statue you’re tethered to. After he finishes casting Graven, just run to your letter and stay there until you see a purple puddle drop.
DPS: Run East or West depending on which side of the arena you’re on.
Tank/Healer: Run North or South, again, depending on which side of the arena you’re on.
But pay attention to the statue because it will tell you which side of the arena is going to be unsafe. You’ll want to pop sprint just in case your side of the arena is being cleaved. As you’re running over to the other side of the arena, make sure not to step in the puddle, because you’ll get a bleed debuff that kills you instantly.
After the arena has been cleaved, run back to your letters to stack again and do it again. After that, Kefka will become targetable again and will cast Aero Assault. If you don’t have a knockback immunity skill, you’ll need to run to Kefka to avoid being pushed off the arena.

2nd Graven Image:

Kefka will cleave one side of the arena while casting Mana Release.

3rd Graven Image:

Ave Maria – Look at the statue to avoid dying.
Indolent Will – Look away from the statue to avoid dying.
Confusion (Left side tether) – You will attack your allies for obscene amounts of damage and kill them.
Sleep (Right side tether) – You will be incapacitated.
While he’s casting graven for the 3rd part of the statue, stack up in the middle to bait the Inexorable Will. While you’re waiting for the AoEs to drop, pay attention to the statue. Just like in normal mode, if there is a question mark in the eye, look at the statue as you dodge the AoE puddles. If not, look away from it as you dodge.
After that, all players will be tethered to a statue. Four players will be tethered to the right and another four to the left. Now, you will need to pay attention to which side of the statue you’re tethered to. If it’s the Left Tether, you will run outside. If it’s the Right Tether, you will run into the middle and stack with the rest. The tethers will always target one side with either all DPS or all Tank/Healers
That’s why you will use your letters to help you position on left side tethersLike so-


This is important! If you do it accidentally, you must click it off quickly or else you’ll run into the middle and murder all your friends.
You can use sprint to get in the middle if you have right side tethersSo a good way of approaching this mechanic is to run out close to your letter to see which side you’re tethered to. That way, if you get the right side, you can still sprint in. But if you’re positioned in the middle, you might not be able to sprint out and click off the buff fast enough.

3rd Graven Image:

The statue will cast Ave Maria/Indolent Will while Kefka casts. After this, it’s just a matter of keeping members alive and burning the boss.

Sequence of Attacks

0:09 – Mana Charge
0:13 – Flagrant Fire
0:30 – Mana Release
0:37 – Thrumming Thunder
0:44 – Ultimate Upsurge
1:05 – 1st Graven Image
1:10 – Inexorable Will
1:16 – Wave Cannon
1:20 – Inexorable Will
1:21 – Wave Cannon
1:23 – Pulse Wave
1:26 – Indomitable Will
1:30 – Revolting Ruin
1:31 – Light of Judgement
1:45 – Mana Charge
1:48 – Thrumming Thunder
1:56 – Blizzard Blitz
2:04 – Graven Image (Knockback)
2:14 – Mana Release
2:20 – Shockwave
2:31 – Ultima Upsurge
2:38 – Hyperdrive
2:52 -2nd Graven Image
3:03 – Gravitas
3:06 – Vitrophyre
3:13 – Gravitas
3:15 – Aero Assault
3:21 – Light of Judgement
3:34 – Mana Charge
3:39 – Flagrant Fire
3:47 – Ultima Upsurge
3:54 – Graven Image
4:01 – Mana Release
4:08 – Thrumming Thunder
4:15 – Ultima Upsurge
4:22 – Hyperdrive
4:41 – 3rd Graven Image
4:49 – Inexorable Will
4:52 – Ave Maria/Indolent Will
5:00 – Sleep/ Confusion
5:56 – Ave Maria/Indolent Will
5:12 – Revolting Ruin
5:23 – Ultima Upsurge
5:32 – Mana Charge
5:37 – Thrumming Thunder
5:43 – Blizzard Blitz
5:51 – Graven Image
5:58 – Mana Release
6:01 – Ave Maria/Indolent Will
6:11 – Hyperdrive
6:18 – Ultima Upsurge x 3
6:45 – Enraged
Now you know how to clear door Kefka! If you haven’t already, check out our other guides here.

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