FFXIV: Sigmascape V4.0 Normal Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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At first, this fight is going to seem very confusing but once you get the pattern down, it’s honestly a really easy fight. There’s really only 2 mechanics on this floor that you need to master to get this fight down. As long as you can understand the question marks and the knockbacks you’ll be good to go. Use our Sigmascape V4.0 Normal Text Guide to get that clear. Don’t let Kefka clown you any longer!

List of Skills

Hyper Drive – Tank Buster
Ultima Upsurge – Raid-wide AoE
Blizzard Blitz – A Circular AoE around him and there are two ways to react to this. For the most part, just avoid it like you would a normal AoE. However, if there are Question Marks all over the AoE on the ground. Run into it, despite what all your instincts tell you. Getting hit will give you a Vulnerability Debuff.
Flagrant Fire – There are two variations of this skill. One of them will be a Stack Marker. The second will be markers on player’s heads that need to be spread out. They don’t deal a lot of damage but be nice to your healers.
Thrumming Thunder – A line AoE. The same concept from Blizzard Blitz applies. Avoid it unless there are Question Marks all over them. You get a Vulnerability Debuff if you get hit by it.
Timely Teleport – Kefka will teleport away and reappear on the vacant black marker on the ground. Run to the sides of the marker that are closer to the edges of the arena because as soon as Kefka reappears he’s going to cast an un-telegraphed conal AoE in front of him or he will slow cast Aero Assault, in which case you need to reposition away from the edges.
Aero Assault – A damage dealing knockback.
Graven Image – A statue spawns in the background on the north and what to do for this mechanic. There are 3 possible mechanics.


A light orb will appear on one side of the arena with a chance of teleporting to the other side. Make sure to run towards the side the orb is on because it does a knockback. You’ll get knocked off the platform if you’re on the wrong side. At the same time, he will cast linear AoE that cuts across the arena. You wanna be sure to be on the side with the orb before AoE goes off or you’ll be taking twice the damage.


There will be two orbs that will appear on either side of the statue. If it’s a Purple Orb on the west side of the arena, run to the east to dodge it. If it’s a Yellow Orb on the east side of the arena, run to the west to dodge it. The attack will take up half an arena eat. Getting hit by these will result in a Vulnerability Debuff.

Indolent Will

A huge eye will appear on the statue in the background. Look away if the eye is purpleLook at it if the eye is yellow.

Skill Sequence

0:05 – Hyper Drive (Tank Buster)
0:10 – Blizzard Blitz (Circular AoE)
0:20 – Flagrant Fire
0:28 – Thrumming Thunder
0:44 – Blizzard Blitz
0:52 – Thrumming Thunder
1:12 – Graven Image
1:30 – Shockwave
1:39 – Ultima Upsurge (Raid-wide AoE)
1:46 – Hyper Drive (Tank Buster)
1:55 – Flagrant Fire
2:03- Blizzard Blitz
2:10 – Timely Teleport
2:30 – Graven Image
2:40 – Thrumming Thunder
2:50 – Shockwave
2:56 – Ultima Upsurge
3:03 – Hyper Drive (Tank Buster)
3:17 – Graven Image
3:30 – Ultima Upsurge
3:40 – Graven Image
3:48 – Flagrant Fire
3:57- Thrumming Thunder
4:00 – Timely Teleport
4:23 – Graven Image
4:30 – Thrumming Thunder
4:36 – Ultima Upsurge
4:45 – Hyper Drive
4:57 – Graven Image (Indolent Will)
5:16 – Ultima Upsurge
5:23 – Ultima Upsurge
5:32 – Graven Image (Indolent Will)
5:40 – Thrumming Thunder
5:46 – Timely Teleport
6:04 – Hyper Drive
6:11 – Graven Image
6:19 – Flagrant Fire
6:26 – Blizzard Blitz
6:40 – Ultima Upsurge
6:47 – Ultima Upsurge
6:57 – Graven Image (Indolent Will)
7:04 -Thrumming Thunder
7:10 – Timely Teleport
7:30 – Hyper Drive
7:37 – Graven Image (Indolent Will)
7:50 – Flagrant Fire and Blizzard Blitz
8:05 – Ultima Upsurge
If you haven’t seen them already, here’s our Byakko EX guide and our Sigmascape V1.0, V2.0, V3.0 guides!

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