FFXIV: Sigmascape V3.0 Savage Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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The Sigmascape V3.0 Savage Text Guide! Square Enix seems to enjoy making the 3rd floor in the savage raid tier considerably harder than the 2nd one.
There are many variables to this fight and that’s what makes it so difficult. It will seem immensely difficult at first but after you put yourself through the grind a few times, you’ll have every variation of the fight memorized. So let’s get started with the basics!

List of Attacks

Magitek Ray – A frontal beam that takes you down to 10% HP if hit and gives you a vulnerability stack.
Arm and Hammer – Physical tank buster.
Atomic Ray – A lingering AoE attack that targets all 4 DPS. Will pulse 3 times in the place they’re left at. So make sure to drop them away from the party.
Prey – A burn DoT that ticks hard. Targets a random DPS.
Diffractive Plasma – Hard hitting AoE damage.
Bomb Deployment – 2 bombs will spawn in the middle of the room. Wait to see which side lights up and then run over the side that glows. Make sure you’re not close to the other bomb when it goes of, because you’ll get a burn debuff after triggering the bomb. If you’re too close to the other bomb when it goes off, you’ll get a second debuff that will kill you. Either Tanks or Healers can get these bombs.
Missile Simulation – Missiles that will cross the arena. They spawn from the south, east, and west. They usually happen during Chakra Burst, Air Force Add and Ultros Spawn. Usually, if anyone but the tank gets hit, it’s a one-shot without shields. However, if you do manage to survive, you’ll get a vulnerability debuff.
Chain Cannon – Guardian will fly up in the air and lock on to a random player’s position.
Load – Just like in normal mode, it loads up what’s on the screen. A simple enough mechanic to understand but there are four variations.
Radar – The floor turns solid green. if you move, you’ll be afflicted with paralysis. Happens only after Virus.
Viral Weapon –  You get an arrow above your head and the direction you run is basically a roulette.

Load Variations:

Bibliotaph – 4 spawn points for adds will show up on the map that requires 4 people on each pad to ‘lock.’ There will be one pad on the north, south, east and west. Have the melees and tanks run to the north one and the healers and ranged DPS to run to the south one. From there, your team can either run clockwise or counterclockwise to the next pad.
Dadaluma – A damaging knockback that throws you a considerable distance back. Make sure you are close to the boss when this happens.
Air Force – An AoE around Guardian.
Ultros – Ink will drop on each player. A large AoE around everyone so make sure to spread out. You may use your chakra positions to spread these out and avoid clipping.
Run Program – After Guardian loads up each program, they will run the actual program. Just like load, each program does something different.

Run Program Variations:

Bibliotaph – The Bibliotaph add spawns and does increasing amounts of physical damage. The off-tank needs to tank this and pop appropriate amounts of defensive cooldowns. Feint can also be used to help relieve the healing.
Dadaluma – The Dadaluma add spawns. This add will target one player with a beam that grants the player a hard-ticking bleed. It will target a healer first and then a DPS and then healer again. You will generally want to have the marked player bait the beam on the west side of the add so make sure to stay clear of the area.
Ultros – Ultros add will spawn and will cast Stoneskin. Someone in your party needs to carry a silence. Usually the off-tank or bard.
Airforce – 4 adds will spawn in the 4 corners of the arena and tether to the DPS. This will happen once simultaneously with Missile Simulation. As the DPS, You need to run to the corner of the Airforce add you’re tethered to and face it away from the center, otherwise, you’ll cleave the whole room. WATCH OUT FOR MISSILES!


Perhaps the most important mechanic in the fight because one slip up from anyone can cost you the whole fight. I will break this down into job roles.


One you will get a Searing Wind debuff. If you don’t get the debuff, you must Provoke the boss. If you do get the debuff, Shirk the other tank. A good strategy is to have both tanks provoke during Virus cast and whoever has the Searing Wind debuff will just Shirk the other tank. This helps to keep the boss centered and minimize movement. YOU MUST KEEP TETHERS STRAIGHT.

  • Have Searing Wind -> Shirk -> Run to north-west corner -> Stay
  • No Searing Wind -> Stay put in the middle -> Make sure tethers are straight

After you get knocked back, you will get the Abandonment debuff. This means you have to stay close to the healer in order not to get Hysteria.


One of you will get Searing Wind. The one with Searing Wind will run to position themselves at the South West corner. And whoever doesn’t get Searing Wind will have to join the tank in the middle. KEEP TETHERS STRAIGHT.

  • Have Searing Wind -> Run to the south-west corner -> Stay
  • No Searing Wind -> Run to tank in the middle (Please don’t run over the melees) -> Stay

After you get knocked back, you will get the Abandonment debuff. This means you have to stay close to the tank in order not to get Hysteria.

Melee DPS: 

Stay close to the boss during Virus cast so you won’t get Searing Wind. One of you will get the Aether Rot. It has a timer on it and you MUST pass it before the timer runs out or you will wipe the party. You can either pass the rot to the other melee DPS just before the knockback or right after the knockback. But you don’t want to pass it too early or else the timer will run out before you can pass it to the next person after the knockback.
You also can’t pass Aether Rot back and forth between the two same people because you’ll get a debuff that prevents you from taking the Rot back after you passed it. This debuff lasts for 30 seconds.

Ranged DPS: 

Assign one ranged DPS to a northeast corner and another to a south-east corner. When Virus is casting, run to your assigned corners and stay there until you get pulled together and the Searing Wind debuff runs out. Then run into the middle and get ready to receive the Aether Rot.

Attack Sequence: 1st Variation

0:07 – Magitek Ray
0:16 – Arm and Hammer (Tank Buster)
0:25 – Atomic Ray
0:34 – Prey
0:44 – Load (Bibliotaph)
0:52 – Demon Simulation
1:02 – Skip Program (Dadaluma)
1:10 – Run Simulation (Dadaluma)
1:14 – Missile Simulation
1:23 – Chakra Burst
1:32 – Run Program (Dadaluma)
1:46 – Magitek Ray
2:02 – Arm and Hammer
2:13 – Prey
2:23 – Magitek Ray
2:30 – Retrieve Program (Ultros)
2:38 – Ultros Simulation
2:40 – Copy Program (Ultros)
2:48 – Diffractive Plasma
2:59 – Tentacle Simulation
3:10 – Run Program (Ultros) NE
3:23 – Chain Cannon
3:34 – Main Cannon
3:48 – Diffractive Plasma
3:55 – Load (Air Force)
4:03- Air Force Simulation
4:15 – Missile Simulation
4:25 – Run Program (Air Force)
4:40 – Bomb Deployment
4:50 – Arm and Hammer
4:59 – Magitek Ray
5:06 – Skip Program (Virus)
5:14 – Virus Program
5:33  – Diffractive Plasma
5:45 – Diffractive Plasma
5:56 – Prey
6:08 – Viral Weapon
6:15 – Magitek Ray
6:21 – Chain Cannon
6:31 – Main Cannon
6:34 – Diffractive Laser
6:42 – Arm and Hammer
6:50 – Diffractive Plasma
6:58 – Paste Program (Ultros)
7:06 – Ultros Simulation
7:08 – Tentacle Simulation
7:14 – Bomb Deployment
7:20 – Atomic Ray
7:28 – Magitek Ray
7:37 – Diffractive Plasma
7:47 – Run Program (Ultros) SW
7:54 – Missile Simulation
8:00 – Chain Cannon
8:11 – Main Cannon
8:21 – Diffractive Plasma


Now from this point onwards, the fight splits off into two variations of the fight. Yes, this is what I meant by variabilities. We’ve omitted the time stamps for the next set of attacks because of this.

  • Load/Skip (Bibliotaph)*
  • Demon Simulation
  • Diffractive Laser
  • Run Program (Bibliotaph)
  • Diffractive Plasma x3
  • Prey
  • Magitek Ray
  • Diffractive Plasma


  • Load/Skip (Dadaluma)*
  • Diffractive Laser + Dadaluma Simulation
  • Missile Simulation
  • Chakra Burst + Atomic Ray
  • Prey
  • Magitek Ray
  • Diffractive Plasma

Either one of those programs may be loaded up first so pay attention to the screen. Whichever one comes first, the other set will follow.
10:57 – Skip Program (Air Force)
11:05 – Air Force Simulation + Diffractive Laser
11:13 – Diffractive Plasma
11:23 – Run Program (Air Force)
11:30 – Bomb Deployment
11:44 – Arm and Hammer
11:54 – Extermination (Enrage)

Attack Sequence: 2nd Variation

0:07 – Magitek Ray
0:16 – Arm and Hammer (Tank Buster)
0:25 – Atomic Ray
0:34 – Prey
0:44 – Load (Dadaluma)
0:52 – Dadaluma Simulation
0:56 – Missile Simulation
1:05 – Chakra Burst
1:14 – Run Program (Dadaluma)
1:28 – Magitek Ray
1:43 – Arm and Hammer
1:55 – Prey
2:05 – Magitek Ray
2:12 – Skip Program (Bibliotaph)
2:20 – Demon Simulation
2:30 – Retrieve Program (Air Force)
2:38 – Air Force Simulation
2:40 – Copy Program (Air Force)
2:50 – Missile Simulation
2:59 – Run Program (Air Force)
3:14 – Bomb Deployment
3:24 – Arm and Hammer
3:33 – Magitek Ray
3:39 – Load (Ultros)
3:48 – Ultros Simulation
3:58 – Diffractive Plasma
4:08 – Tentacle Simulation
4:19 – Run Program (Ultros) SE
4:32 – Chain Cannon
4:42 – Main Cannon
4:56 – Diffractive Plasma
5:02 – Skip Program (Virus)
5:11 – Virus
5:30 – Diffractive Plasma x 2
5:53 – Prey
6:05 – Viral Weapon
6:11 – Magitek Ray
6:17 – Chain Cannon
6:27 – Main Cannon
6:30 – Diffractive Laser
6:38 – Arm and Hammer
6:46 – Diffractive Plasma
6:53 – Paste Program (Air Force)
7:01 – Air Force Simulation + Diffractive Laser
7:09 – Diffractive Plasma
7:19 – Run Program (Air Force)
7:26 – Bomb Deployment
7:40 – Arm and Hammer
7:48 – Diffractive Plasma


Just like before, this variation remains in both sequences. Whichever happens first, the other will occur right after.

  • Load/Skip (Bibliotaph)*
  • Demon Simulation
  • Diffractive Laser
  • Run Program (Bibliotaph)
  • Diffractive Plasma x3
  • Prey
  • Magitek Ray
  • Diffractive Plasma


  • Load/Skip (Dadaluma)*
  • Diffractive Laser + Dadaluma Simulation
  • Missile Simulation
  • Chakra Burst + Atomic Ray
  • Prey
  • Magitek Ray
  • Diffractive Plasma

10:22 – Load (Ultros)
10:30 – Ultros Simulation
10:32 – Tentacle Simulation
10:38 – Bomb Deployment
10:44 – Atomic Ray
10:52 – Magitek Ray
11:00 – Diffractive Plasma
11:10 – Run Program (Ultros) NE
11:17 – Missile Simulation
11:23 – Chain Cannon
11:34 – Main Cannon
11:44 – Diffractive Plasma
11:54 – Extermination (Enrage)
And there you have it! All you need to know about V7 Savage! If you haven’t already, check out our other guides as well.

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