FFXIV: Sigmascape V1.0 Savage Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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The first fight in the new raid tier is a pretty tough barrier to overcome. There is a fair amount of randomness in this fight that makes it hard to predict and adapt to at times. However, it’s easier once you get to know how to react to each mechanic. Let’s break down the mechanics. Here’s our Sigmascape V1.0 Savage Text Guide to help you beat that train!

List of Attacks

Connectivity – A debuff that applies to whoever has aggro of the boss. The player takes more damage the further away they are from Phantom Train.
Box – Just like in normal, ghost boxes appear in the arena. If you’re in the AoE when it drops, it’s an insta-kill. Healers should also be careful when and where you raise. It is possible to raise someone in a box and they’ll die instantly because of it.
Saintly Beam – Just like in normal, marked players will get a light following them. These can be used to kill Ghost Tethers, Boxes, and players. It deals significantly more damage compared to normal mode.
Head On – A proximity-based AoE attack that knocks players back.
Diabolic Wind – A green AoE marker that appears on a player, dealing high damage.

Diabolic Whistle:

There are three possible mechanics he can do everytime he uses Diabolic Whistle.

  • Remorse – He summons a ghost either the East or West side of the arena and cast All in the Mind, a knockback. Look at the enemy list to see it’s cast. Once he starts the cast, go ahead and use knockback prevention skills such as Surecast, Arms Length or Tempered Will. If you don’t have these skills, you can use the box to prevent yourself from getting blown off the arena.
    Tips: Paladin can use Tempered Will + Cover to protect their co-tank from getting knocked back.
  • Ghost March – He summons a row of ghosts on both sides of the area and they will move across the arena together.
  • Ghost Tether – 2 random players (Except the MT) will get tethered to a ghost that will move towards them. At the same time, 2 players will be marked with Saintly Beam. Players with Saintly Beam need to make sure they are in the middle of the arena, this gives the tethered players some room to kite their ghosts. Players with the tethers, once the ghost is somewhere in the middle of Saintly Beam, you can run in a circle around it to make sure it stays inside the beam to kill it.

Doom Strike – A heavy hitting Tank Buster. Deals magical damage. It helps use Reprisal, Addle, Dismantle to mitigate.
Acid Rain – Raid-wide AoE that hits pretty hard. Shields and Regens will be needed. Also deals magical damage.

Prey Marker:

2 Players will be marked with Prey. This dropped a proximity-based AoE attack after a short period of time. This will happen 4 times in the entire fight. And it only affects Tanks and Healers. The Main Tank will always be the one to get the Prey Marker. So when this happens, it’s a good idea to tank swap so the main tank can run to the back and drop their prey marker because, at the same time, Doom Strike will be casting. It is not a good idea to eat a tank buster with the Connectivity debuff.

Add Phase:

The Phantom Train will disengage and become untargetable. Before this point, you will want it’s health to be at least 65% or lower otherwise you’ll be at a higher risk of hitting enraged.
During the Add phase, Putrid Passengers will board the train. Kill these adds as quickly as possible because it will give you more time to DPS the Chimney which will deal an extra 600k damage to the boss if you do. If you don’t kill the adds in time, they will explode and wipe the party. While this is happening, players will be marked with a green AoE marker. The first set will be on the 4 DPS, the second set will be on the Tanks and Healers.


After you kill the Doom Chimney you will get knocked back onto the arena and everyone will be afflicted with a Suffocation debuff that lasts about 20 seconds. During this period, everyone needs to get picked up by a ghost but not just any ghost! Each role has a different ghost to get picked up by.
Tank and Healer ghosts always spawn first!
Healer Ghosts – Small and White. Once you’re inside, you will get an Infirmity debuff. You can either cast Esuna to get rid of it but it’s not recommended to waste a role skill slot to carry that. All you have to do in there is heal yourself past the damage and the ghost will die on its own.
Tank Ghost – Big and Yellow. You will have to pop some cooldowns in order to survive the first cast of Agony which is an extremely hard hitting skill. You also have the kill the ghost before the second cast gets out because you won’t have the HP or cooldowns to live through that.
DPS Ghosts – Medium and Red. Do your job. Just DPS down the boss before the first Flames of Hate cast finishes. 

Attack Sequence

0:10 – Box
0:20 – Saintly Beam
0:30 – Diabolic Whistle (Remorse)
0:40 – All In the Mind (Knockback)
0:50 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
1:00 – Head On + Diabolic Wind (AoE)
1:10 – Acid Rain (Raid-wide Aoe)
1:25 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost March)
1:38 – Saintly Beam
1:46 – Diabolic Headlamp (Stack)
2:05 – Ghost Tether + Saintly Beam
2:23 – Prey Marker
2:30 – Doom Strike (Tank Buster)
2:35 – Acid Rain
3:00 – Add Phase

Phase 2

4:05 – Doomgate
5:05 – Prey Markers + Diabolic Headlamp
5:15 – Saintly Beam
5:23 – Doom Strike
5:34 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers + Saintly Beam)
5:55 – Diabolic Whistle (Remorse)
6:05 – All in the Mind (Knockback)
6:11 – Diabolic Headlamp
6:20 – Head On + Box
6:48 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost March + Diabolic Headlamp)
6:56 – Diabolic Wind
7:03 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers + Saintly Beam)
7:30 – Prey Markers
7:35 – Doom Strike
7:55 – Diabolic Headlamp
8:05 – Saintly Beam + Acid Rain
8:15 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost Tethers + Saintly Beam)
8:35 – Acid Rain + Prey Marker
8:40 – Doom Strike
8:55 – Diabolic Whistle (Remorse)
9:02 – All in the Mind (Knock Back) + Diabolic Headlamp
9:20 – Head On + Diabolic Wind
9:30 – Acid Rain
9:42 – Box
9:53 – Diabolic Whistle (Ghost March + Diabolic Headlamp)
10:05 – Saintly Beam (Enrage)
And that’s the fight! If you haven’t already, check out our Byakko Extreme Guide!

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